by My Iron Lung

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released July 8, 2014




Pure Noise Records Berkeley, California

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Track Name: My Iron Lung "Commonwealth"
First scene when winter ends
I get to thinking how everything stands still if you let it and
how ever long you wait
how ever long you want to wait
it only holds you back
watch the sun go down, watch it come back up
all the time we waste
is it ever enough to convince us that maybe theres something wrong
maybe it's me

Back to the city where
there's a buzz and a hum
that stays stuck inside my head
that never leave's unless I leave and I don't want it to
it's a comforting sound that helps me sleep at night
all the signs in the road read head north
and don't come back

i've been trying to figure this out
i've been trying to kill off this doubt
it comes in waves.
No hope

Listen, Help Me
Hold it together
Again, Realize
Nothing is easy
Unless we find,
a reason behind our own dreaming

I keep waking up feeling the same way
like nothing else is going to change
cause it's been so long and I try so hard any chance I get

But the answers are out there hiding in the silence
and it's our job to find them
like some pyramid scheme, retrace my dreams
keep waiting for my sigh of relief

It's just the coming of age I keep telling my self
it's only temporary this void feeling
the one weighs me down makes me think less of myself

but I keep looking up
hoping for better days
hoping for better things
when spring comes I can pretend
what I did before
I won't do again
Track Name: Conflict of Interest
There's a doubt
there's a cold and broke home
it's wasting your time

There's a feeling eating you up on the inside
it's asking you to leave everything you've got
we get caught up in the details

Tomorrow in the back of my mind
Tomorrow in the end it will all work
Tomorrow this modern life has got me feeling otherwise
In the city all the leaves are changing color
but I just stay the same
why are we not changing with them

You used to stay you wanted an exit
You wanted to find help
Restore your health
but conflict of interest
led you far away from it

And all I know is that you're so uncertain
and all I know is that
I'm just as lost as you are
I think were all just lost as you are
I think were all just lost as
I think were all just lost as you are

Tomorrow in the back of my mind
Tomorrow in the end it will all work out
I watch and wait for things to change back
I watch and wait to find out
what it is that keeps us from leaving here
Track Name: The Darkest Past
Again the same frame of light that led me in
that made me think otherwise
it's gone

Every chance I get to spark a memory a match is lit to a wick
so I can see the past and remember how it ends
remember how it begins
I was only asking questions
I put my candle to the wind and it blew out

It must of been the smoke
it must of been me
that saw a change in the room
that saw a shift in your mood
that saw potential and growth
in all the places you don't
we'll film a brand new scene
and play the usual scheme
we'll keep on acting it out until we get it right

and again we'll learn from our mistakes
just do what it takes keep moving forward
to make the days a little brighter
when nothing else is

I ran as fast as I could
back to where I came from
found a photo of you and me
an image and memory captured
one where were both still smiling
it was daytime
when the frame caught the light
and everything changed
it must of been me.
Track Name: Hard Season
The wind is colder this time of year
take a deep breath, make things easier
put your attention in one location
incompatible situations

Leave or hide
time after time
what is it that you find
yourself to be so uncertain of

Raise your voice
let it resonate
to and through the walls
don't be afraid
I learned my lesson from life
nothing is as vast and far aways as it seems
and time is always spinning around

Hold your head
even when things don't seem right
don't be afraid
I learned my lesson from life

Abandon all things not deemed worthy of your time
I changed my mind
I've never felt more alive

I guess I was tired of wasting time for no good reason
I guess I was trying to waste my time for no good reason
I suppose I just gave up on life for no good reason
I suppose I just gave up on life
Track Name: Monument
A frequent feeling bring it back
now hold it together firmly
I'm not losing any sleep
bad weather or not
to the top of the mountain
where you can see everything a little more clear

Nothing feels worse than failure
I should have known
I should have moved
I should have been brave

Lack of fear won't save me now
from anything at all

This room sits still and stays so quiet
like the stairs up to your old apartment
filled with superstition for your addictions
don't forget your cigarettes on the way out

I'm still learning how to cope with tragedy
I'm still learning how to fight off all these feelings
I'm still learning what you have isn't always yours to keep

I know now what I didn't know before
I know now what I didn't before
Track Name: Day Dream
Woke up from a dream
that lead me to believe
there's more on this earth
than anything you see

Sing it again
Sing it back to me
we're all just waiting on relief

cause yesterday keeps haunting me
and i'm just hoping tomorrow is better than today
and i'm just waiting for the next move to make

You're always so close to where you want to be
Track Name: In Defense of Drowning
Captain this whole ship is sinking
right down to the bottom

where all the forces on earth to heavy to lift
too swift to sway
in a different direction
and if i could i'd take back time
reclaim a love, end my stories with light

but the clouds and the thunder bring rain
and the rain brings darkness and grey
and the entire time I was searching for a sign
but the weather never changed
and these problems keep me up late
to fear a future that stays the same

Captain this whole ship is sinking
right down to the bottom

I tried my best to let go
I tried my best
Track Name: June
First wave, crashing in
Contemplate my beliefs
it's just these memories I wish I could get out of my head
I'll dwell on things I can't ever change
I never had a clear view on them anyways
These memories

He's twenty three just like me
the mother cried so hard at the funeral home
picking a casket for her son
she didn't think it would come in her lifetime
but it did
again again again

What makes you really hurt
What makes you do the things you do
that hurt everyone else
it leaves another mark
that won't ever watch off
that won't ever disappear

Feeling discontent
that no one knew you had
that no one could fix
it whispers in the wind

Every chance I get i'll find another way
to keep things off my mind

He meant, he felt it, the needle pushed deep in his skin
as deep as it goes it haunts
as long as I wait for things to change
it never cleans up the same
these broken dreams this broken life

it'll never be fixed it'll never be
Track Name: Grand Scheme
How do you cope with all that's lost
do you put up walls just like me?
I have goals and aspirations
leading me to better places away from here
i'm hardly waiting around for any options

settle in your new apartment by the beach
where you're suppose to be happy
the smell of smoke on your old clothes
your flannel is torn and faded
but you like the way they made it

you're hardly waiting around for options
but I am calm about it all

Try to keep my composure
till this storm blows over and over

It's still hard to say I get all of my traits from you
It's still hard to say I get all of my traits from you
I get all of my traits from you
Track Name: Save For A Pocket Of Warmth
I had a feeling than lost it a sense of meaning exhausted
my eyes are tired from trying to find an answer anywhere
and I keep caring less and less
and I keep thinking less and less
about the future and purpose
reason is

I am frequently alone
I am frequently passing by
all the places I visit
always wondering why
there's no light on in your room
there's no place to feel warm
and all these cold walls only cause me harm

It's only freezing and it is painful
It's only freezing

I just want to have comfort in the things that I do
I just want to know more of me and you
I just want to see the end and where everything goes
Will I ever find out does anybody know?

I keep losing faith in everything
I keep dreaming of a place I'd much rather be
and when the sunsets all I fear is regret
so I am cautious to make any decisions

I take careful steps in and around the house
Where everything stays quiet nothing moves
and I look out the window
hoping for a sign to change my mind
I'm so full of doubt these days

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