Learn To Leave

by My Iron Lung

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released August 5, 2016


tags: punk Berkeley


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Pure Noise Records Berkeley, California

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Track Name: In Hiding
It’s these things I don’t want
So I push and pull and navigate to the place I feel most comfortable
Where I can keep my mind off everything, where I can keep away from you

For the longest time I blamed myself,
for the longest time I took responsibility for what was half your fault
Merely everything changed,
I realized i’m not the only one to have done something wrong

Half of it was trying, something you weren’t willing to do
Did you ever mean a thing you said?
Does that crescent moon mean anything to you?
The way it shines, the way I tried too,
but that wasn’t enough, I guess nothing was

And you don’t know how hard it’s been,
these dreams keep me awake haunting me often

Pull the covers over my head
In hiding
The only place I wanted to be
In hiding

Hold on tight to the things you love
Let them go, if the ones you love don’t return then you know it is gone

Don’t leave a place for me in hiding
We live out our own dreams, no more hiding
There’s no pain left for me in hiding, it can only mean i’m done with hiding
Track Name: Learn To Leave
I leave this city often but only partially,
like a book left open again
Up too early, eyes wide open,
staring at patterns in the ceiling, unfamiliar with where I am

Somewhere I am on the phone trying to connect here to there and back again,
a voice that feels so distant, that feels uncertain
It’s the time of the year,

the season, it reminds me of where I was this time last year
I abandoned a reason to stay here then a curtain fell right in front of me

Somewhere I am on the phone trying to connect here to there and back again,
a voice that feels so distant, that feels uncertain

And we learn to leave, to see the world more promising,
it serves perfectly, it proves it’s point that love is still mystery
my eyes are open
Track Name: Damage
It’s been a rough start so far
full of scars, tell me when i’ll lose them, was it me or miscommunication?

It came in a dream, painted in a scene,
where i’d rather not be, it’s misery to think about it

It’s been a rough start so far, I had an open heart

It came in a dream, painted in a scene,
where i’d rather not be, it’s misery to think about it

A lack of consistency, I think about it daily,
painted in a scene i’d rather not be
I’m closing the book, unfinished,
until further notice I don’t wanna know how it ends

Cause i’m responsible for all the damage that was done
Cause i’m responsible, i’ll burn the pages when I am done
Track Name: The Same House
Take a look inside my head, take a look inside at my heart,
there’s a pain left there, see the scars?
The moment you walked in the room, did you remember who I was?
You learned your lesson but forgot to love

With my back on the wall on the outside, it’s so much colder tonight
With my mind on the negative, it’s so much colder tonight
Was I wrong to expect? Memories fade, it happens to the best
Does it hurt, can you feel the pain?
They say it’s only temporary but it feels like a lifetime

Finding ways to escape my self made doubt
and again in the same house, finding heartache in old photographs

It’s November now, the weather changes
It’s so cold this time of year,
when the ones you love don’t have ears to hear
Having fears to overcome, I guess it’s best i’m on my own now, I guess it’s best

Finding new ways to wake up each day
Finding motivation from sunrise to sunset
in the strangest ways, from sunrise to sunset
To hear things out, to have an open mind, to listen without expectation

This season is long, hard to press on,
some lessons are harder to learn on your own, now I know

If i could go back again I don’t know that I would
Somethings aren’t meant to be, the hardest words to believe

To find a way out, to escape my self made doubt
Searching for answers, writing them down until I find my way back
Track Name: Somnium
Walk a line between day and night
Natures clock, a way to keep things in order
but only half of us wake up at the right time

In the morning there’s a mirror in the hallway
that you stare in, displaying an image;
a reflection of all the choices made,
all the time you’ve invested in things other than yourself

From the hallway to the living room
think it over slow, there’s a window that daylight hits,
when it’s open you can hear it, the chaos in the streets
Every day routine sounds just like how today feels; familiar

Then the night strikes and you’ll find things to be different
You can feel it, so careless and free, so dark and poisoning
the night, warm blood and high spirits

At the time, the low light fit us perfect
like the shade of your face under dim light,
it kept me staring until the shade departs, when the day arrives

And i’m exposed to everything,
the imperfections, the truth and lies
Light and dark, neither can survive at the same time
Only one lets you see,
there’s beauty in survival, there’s beauty in leaving
Track Name: Mend
We wait for things to change
We wait for scars to fade

Winter time losing daylight to sleep
These hardwood floors are cold on the feet,
haven’t felt like my self lately, not since that day

and we wait for scars to fade
Find the love you misplaced
tear the photos down, rearrange things
hold yourself, displace the pain a brand new way

Winter time i’m feeling fine,
family and friends say you’re looking better
I can’t help but remember all those miles spent,
all those words exchanged and all i’ve learned from them

It’s my choice not to suffer
it’s my right to let daylight hit my skin
to end an era of what if’s, mishaps or could have been’s
I owe that to myself,
excuses, i’m tired of hearing them

We wait for things to change
and we wait for scars to fade
To lose interest and meaning
in this state, every day it’s farther away
every day, it’s the time that it takes

Excuses, I am tired of hearing them
Always running from solutions,
always thinking of the past and how
the only way out is to let it go and forget

We wait for things to change
and we wait for scars to fade
and today,
memories replaced by new faces, new meaning
and today,
my thoughts replaced by new places, new meaning
Track Name: Sleep Cycle Blues
I see my future guided by me
no hesitation, no need to worry
I’ve been upset, depressed
sealing up loose ends again
but i’m staying up, staying in
Just let it all go
My mind has got me tangled in webs
Just let it all go
Getting upset with life’s dreaded moments
Just let it all go
Always on defense, always
Just let it all go
I screamed from the balcony over looking the city
Just let it all go
and in the morning the next day right before the train
I said I don’t need these things
So i’m packing my bags, leaving this place
forgetting your face, I’m healing up nicely
Track Name: When Tragedy Strikes
Sunrise, early morning
Just waking up, my eyes still shut
Overhear the tv from the other room
The news says over a hundred deaths were reported and it’s only six am
Tell us a reason for it
They say it’s still unclear at the moment

Is there reason for this?
A reason good enough for death?

Still trying to comprehend why thing’s like this happen
Why i’m always on the other end,
watching violence through a lens
Always thinking of how i’d deal with it and how it happened,
I can’t imagine, I can’t believe

It’s a scene in the streets
ordinary movements, ordinary action
What was your first reaction when the lights went off?
What was your first reaction?
What was it like when you first heard the noise?
What did you see? How’d it make you feel?
Paint an image vividly

So I can feel it, so I can understand
A flash before the eyes, what does that feel like?
Life flashing before your eyes, what does that feel like?
When tragedy strikes just close your eyes

It seems unfair the way life plays out
It seems unfair to say I understand at all
When tragedy strikes it doesn’t care for a name
It has no reason to stop

I woke up early, sat by the window the next morning
Thought about death and yesterday
It seems so unfair, the way life plays out
It seems so unfair to say I understand
Track Name: Anchorage
I’m home again sitting in frustration,
I’m finding out exactly how I made the same mistake twice
I’m not turning around, I know exactly how this plays out

Was I missing you or missing something else, at the time I couldn’t tell
We were broken, we were both so broken
How’d it happen?

Back at home, now I know
Staring in the mirror at my own reflection
I didn’t know I had abandoned giving myself affection

I found out what i’ve been missing for three years now,
never really did love myself
I know now, this feeling and just how to cope
I haven’t lost all my hope

Tear down every barrier, burn down the interior walls
Rebuild a new life without this feeling

So here I am finding closure
So here I am finally rebuilding
Track Name: Certainty
I found out the hard way that nothing is permanent,
that nothing stays the same,
that everything is fleeting, there’s no way to keep our love safe

Through bad weather and highways, through distances and time,
this feeling I am having it burns a light pain but burns in a good way

When you have so much riding on one thing
and one day for no reason something leaves your life without notice
and you’re left with nothing to fall back on

The pain is futile, it is real, it is present,
it is you lost at your lowest moment in life

It’s the scenery that passes us so quickly that makes me miss old memories
Sitting in the front seat watching everything pass by through the window
Time is unstoppable

I’m certain it’s fleeting
I’m certain it’s gone
I’m certain it is sadness weighing me down

and I am certain it’s absence
I am certain now more than ever that nothing lasts forever

I’m certain it happens to all of us,
we drift in opposite directions farther and farther away
but no absence goes unnoticed, I’m certain