1. The Amity Affliction
  2. Bearings
    Ottawa, Ontario
  3. Belmont
    Chicago, Illinois
  4. Boston Manor
    Blackpool, UK
  5. the bouncing souls
    Asbury Park, New Jersey
  6. Can't Swim
    New Jersey
  7. Carpool Tunnel
    San Francisco, California
  8. Casa Loma
    New Jersey
  9. Chamber
    Nashville, Tennessee
  10. Cold moon
    Oakland, California
  11. Cory Wells
    Redondo Beach, California
  12. derek ted
    Los Angeles, California
  13. Dollar Signs
    Charlotte, North Carolina
    Albany, New York
  15. Elder Brother
    Oakland, California
  16. First Blood
    San Francisco, California
  17. Four Year Strong
    Worcester, Massachusetts
  18. Graduating Life
    Fresno, California
  19. Hawthorne Heights
    Dayton, Ohio
  20. Inclination
    Louisville, Kentucky
  21. Left Behind
    Charleston, West Virginia
  22. Like Pacific
    Toronto, Ontario
  23. Lizzy Farrall
    Birmingham, UK
  24. LURK
    Chicago, Illinois
  25. Microwave
    Atlanta, Georgia
  26. Moon Tooth
  27. Mundy's Bay
    Montreal, Québec
  28. Same Side
    Los Angeles, California
  29. Sanction
    New York
  30. Seaway
    Oakville, Ontario
  31. SeeYouSpaceCowboy...
    Los Angeles, California
  32. Selfish Things
    Toronto, Ontario
  33. Senses Fail
    New Jersey
  34. Sharptooth
    Baltimore, Maryland
  35. Spanish Love Songs
    Los Angeles, California
  36. Speak Low If You Speak Love
    Los Angeles, California
    Albany, New York
  38. Stick To Your Guns
    Chula Vista, California
  40. Strike Anywhere
    Richmond, Virginia
  41. UnityTX
    Dallas, Texas
  42. Violent Soho
    Brisbane, Australia
  43. The Warriors
    Tehachapi, California
  44. Year Of The Knife
  45. Youth Fountain
    Vancouver, British Columbia


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