The Story So Far

by The Story So Far

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released May 18, 2015




Pure Noise Records Berkeley, California

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Track Name: Smile
know its been a while
but I will not fake this stupid smile
‘cause you robbed me, fed me the line
Your bounty was me took all you could see
And worked just side by side
The trust and love we’d abide
Until you left home thrust with the tide
And put this hate back inside my eyes

Are you blocking all the things
that have to do with me?
Is it easier now, do you feel any release?
Tell me how you fit in
and where do you begin?
Do you toast when they toast?
Do you sin when they sin?

Stepped through your place
Lust in my eyes toyed with deceit
Planted your lies
Play it off well, say that I’m fine
Do I hold that small space in your mind?
Stuck in your web flailing my arms
Trying to break loose from your charm
Split up your mind do you some harm
No stranger to harm

How can I see anyone anymore?
And how can I feel anything anymore?
Track Name: Heavy Gloom
I know all your flaws and most of your fears
I haven’t been home a lot in the last 2 years
The constant absence from all my peers
The vibration still steady inside my ears
And I know you hate it, I always restate it
But I’m still so frustrated cause I’m the one you cheated

It cuts so much deeper
Why would I wanna see her?
Only had one beer
And I don’t wanna sleep here

I hope you feel that heavy gloom
When you’re all done up in a crowded room
And your life trips up over those shoes
That you paid too much for but not in dues
And I’ll be watching from a distance
Wouldn’t wanna miss this
Was it fake the whole time? Was it just instance?
Man it’s so personal yet it’s business
I want it to hit so close to home

It cuts so much deeper
Why would I wanna see her?
Only had one beer
And I don’t wanna sleep here
And I know you don’t care
You’ve made it so clear
Swore I had no fear
Not until you came near

And how much does it cost
to get you back here inside those clubs
that you love so fucking much?
Was I too harsh in my lament to you
that I fell so out of touch?
Back and forth because I can’t understand how you
Control all my lust and form the words on my tongue

It cuts so much deeper
Why would I wanna see her?
Only had one beer
And I don’t wanna sleep here
And I know you don’t care
You’ve made it so clear
Swore I had no fear
Not until you came near

It cuts so much deeper
Why would I wanna see her?
Only had one beer
And I don’t wanna sleep here
And I know you don’t care
Track Name: Distaste
Tell me how your life’s played out down south in the sun
Missing school so you go out every night and try to have fun
And you still deny and try to hide the smoke from your gun
Think I’ll slip inside and start making you aim at everyone

Why’d you leave it?
Is it because what I chose?
Can you look in my face and explain why you put
someone else in my place?
And I don’t wanna hear about your trips
And all the time that you waste
No I’d rather not I hate the thought
It’s such a distaste

I’ll never match your thievery as far as this goes
You can’t say you never fucked with me cause everyone knows
And why you always poison everything I try to grow?
Calm somehow but rising now someday I’ll let you know
Don’t hold much respect for you now
What did you expect to see?
Don’t need to accept your ways now
Go be who you wanna be
Track Name: Solo
When you’re up north the ice is slick like my voice
She’s like “I never left you, this was all your choice”
I can’t doubt it now I might lose all my poise
When I mislead you on purpose and fade into the void

Feeling indigo
How ‘bout you?
I feel indigo

And I wish you’d just call, and we could hash it out
I could tell you what I’m so mad about
Bet you’re sick of hearing me sulk and pout
had so much on my mind ‘til now
Like when we gonna do this, the where and how
and if I see you am I gonna curse you out
Is it enough that I’m up right now?
Does it anger you that I chose a different route?

Cause I’m sick of hearing that I’m late
Tired of having to restate “I can’t just sit around
and wait, you’re just not someone I can date”
Now look who can’t hold their weight
I hope I’m wrong just for your sake
Using pills and flowers to sedate
Find me heal me keep my faith

You have to know every place I go
That feeling stuck that I offered trust and it left me solo
And if I haven’t grown from every face I’ve known,
Is it all for not? Is that food for thought?
There’s things you don’t know

I feel indigo, you’ve got what I need
I’m indigo, you’ve got what I need
You’re not what I need
Track Name: Mock
How can I just break it off to leave for good and
never talk
I’m about to write it up for you to mock
And clear my mind for the thousandth time
I’ve been too involved to call it off
Been away for so long all I’ve got are
weak foundations, wishful thoughts
And all around a greater view

How do you think that that’s okay?
To still like all the things I play?
To still try not to walk my way?
I taught you all those things to say
And its nothing like it used to be
There’s no more of what I used to see
But you help me with my honesty
While I’m yelling at your ghost
Track Name: How You Are
Gone now I keep my distance
But still show persistence in trying to find out how you are
It’s really testing my patience watching you waste this
Life that you have of yours in a bar
And I get the feeling that you’re gonna leave him
‘cause you just can’t seem to get off
You’re so appealing, you can get anyone that you want somehow

Patience is useless when I’m sober and you’re wasted
And you don’t wanna hear it so go on just leave it
And I count the times that I’m driving home
And I’m talking to myself like I’m not alone
Trying to figure to out who I’ve been running from
Gotta figure out who I’ve been running from

Calm down, can’t we get level?
Can’t we be civil? We share a lot of things
And yeah I think back when it was simple
Before I had earned some, and all I ever did was sing
Been caught under pressure trying to measure
how I feel ‘bout this whole thing
You’re so appealing, you can get anyone that want somehow

I keep my distance now
Forcing my jaw to smile
Track Name: Nerve
Hard shove feel the heavy weight
It’s the same love that I push away
It be the same thing I always debate
Why you left me here for another
These days I tend to see red
‘cause all the women swimming in my head
Are not the same ones laying in my bed
But I do my best to ignore it

But you still come up

It’s all in my head, there’s not much I can do
You set your pace, I’ll keep mine too
Each time I chase, I feel dark blue
Confuse your face for someone new

I guess I owe you for most everything
Like the way I feel and the curse you bring
You got a lot of nerve to wanna hear me sing

After you tossed us into the gutter
Mad now like I was before
‘cause somebody’s always asking who I do it for
But I don’t wanna do it for you anymore
I do my best to ignore it

Yeah I should let you go
Away from the grey that we both know
And I can’t pass through Indio
Without feeling indigo
Yeah I should let this go
But it gets so hectic on my own
You can’t be proud if I’m alone
Track Name: Phantom
It’s harder to attract you
Used to dye your denim in my parent’s
I can feel your phantom
All of me is dark blue
Picture you just dancing, dancing in your old
Damn it’s such a bad view

‘cause it’s hard to attract you
Got me so dark blue
Track Name: Scowl
Tell me did you practice what you said to me
Was never there when I was supposed to be
Is that supposed to be some kind of joke to me?
Leave home, tour hard, then we’ll see

Change up your face, attempt to erase
But you’ll never feel the void in my space
I’m off, off this bad taste
Wasting my time in one place

When you left you ruined your name for me
I wear a scowl so that they can always see
Nowhere near where I wanna be
Grinding all my teeth again

Attract to me come back to me
I’m waiting on you so patiently
Someday soon I hope to see
That you’re feeling indigo way down in your soul
It’s all facade, it has to be
You’re planning on it so carefully
Let a couple years roll by, bet we come back to this again
Track Name: Stalemate
Hard to clench my fist well with all the things I should tell
Tension and an ill will towards you and I
It’s not the same as you feel it used to be a light teal
But that shade was never real for you and I

Can’t ignore, won’t ignore
That I just don’t know you anymore
Can’t ignore, won’t ignore
That which you played me for

You know how hard that I fell
Hazy every detail about who cared the most
When it comes to you and I
I never thought that you’d bail
I guess I let it go stale
My blood is always hot when it comes to you and I

You want him like you wanted me
But I know that it’s not the same thing
Covet what you cannot bring
I won’t calm down I’ll never let it be

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