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Nothing Left To Love

by Counterparts

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dirtycommiescum thumbnail
dirtycommiescum Counterparts don't miss. Favorite track: Paradise and Plague.
chillem thumbnail
chillem An incredible follow-up to their previous record. This is probably my favorite one they’ve put out so far. So many good riffs and lyrics. I love this band. Favorite track: Cherished.
SlashedSucubus thumbnail
SlashedSucubus Fun fact, I was a 100% sure that you guys were a 1 time thing, I feel so dumb right now that I've discovered that you're still thriving and still making kick ass music, just keep it up, I listen to ''You're not you anymore'' so often, you know you've got something amazing. Favorite track: Separate Wounds.
fsbsupportacc thumbnail
fsbsupportacc My favorite album of 2019. Every single song on here is amazing. Favorite track: Ocean of Another.
saltiest thumbnail
saltiest neat riffs, screaming man funny on twitter too Favorite track: Wings of Nightmares.
Death & Technology
Death & Technology thumbnail
Death & Technology Witness the heirs apparent to the throne of the mighty Misery Signals, and cousins of the boys in It Prevails. The constantly shifting arrangements, delightfully dry but clear production, and excellent interplay between the dueling side-channeled guitars propel these tracks with honesty, emotion, and inspiration. This album just hits me in the feels in all the right ways. Favorite track: Separate Wounds.
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Love Me 01:40
Will you love me when there’s nothing left to love?
I’m clinging to the wings of nightmares, detaching every finger one by one. Shaken awake to find our absence hasn’t manifested yet. Longing for a sense of loss. Picking me apart like birds of prey where illusions will depart from unhinged jaws, silent in the presence of your name. Rip the memory from my mind. Perfectly still but somehow running out of time. Keep your distance from the flowers that will decorate my corpse. Undeserving of a chance to watch them thrive. Remove the sickness before it has a chance to run its course. I knew we’d never make it out alive. Clairvoyant only to delusion as you salvage fantasy to fit your needs. You held my lifeless body to your heart and convinced yourself that could feel a pulse. Laying traps beneath my feet, I will chew through to the bone in my desire to be free. Your shadow will keep me blinded by the light living in lies. Allowing fallen petals to turn black, reflecting the colour of your insides.
Warn only those who choose to hear a disappearing trail of death. So spare me your sentiments and accept me as I am. Salvation reaches out through familiar screams, begging me to stay. Reserve your mourning for the dead who wish they had but one day left. No need to waste your grief on me, I’m with you now. Will the ones I love forgive me for leaving too soon? Caught in the space between paradise and plague, there’s nowhere I’d rather be than with you. Warn only those who choose to hear a disappearing trail of death. Abandon the hope you had and accept me as I am. No one could save me, I was born inside my grave.
Hold my eyelids open and secure my hanging head, digging shards of bone from both our feet. Removing teeth to free what’s left of sentences unsaid, ensuring my last breath echoes relief. We ignore the sound of two dissolving souls as our home disintegrates into a grave. Rebuilt above burnt earth to be sure nothing else can grow. You left as I was dreaming, but when I opened my eyes you swore you were still here. Preserving footprints in the colour of our blood and as our veins ran dry you swore you were still here. Suffocate me in my sleep. The weight of my belief will bury me. I felt your presence fleeing long before you took your leave. You swore you were still here. Leaving small incisions in the hands that used to hold me, and as our veins ran dry you swore you were still here.
Numbing the nerve endings in my arms to endure a vain embrace. Exhausted by the light leaving our eyes. Our leap of faith will lead us to a bed of blades. Remove the skin and reveal to me the likeness of a ghost as teardrops find their way towards my throat. Our leap of faith will lead us to a bed of blades, descending from the heaven we created in our heads. We both bleed, but out of separate wounds. Not meant to mend a different breed of broken. Pulling the cure out of the suffering themselves. We are two different breeds of broken. I’d sooner die with the deserted than coexist amidst feigned love. Bringing your hands towards the sky and expecting me to cast myself down.
Resurface from contaminated soil when you’re starved. As the poison thins your blood, drown in your dependance. Writing a false doctrine in which you portray a victim, while we both know I’m the reason you were spared. I should have let you die and I live with the regret of my decision. I should have let you die and the day will come when I will be the reason you repent. You threw yourself onto your own knife. No man but me can disfigure my creation. I will absolve you of your sins and hurl you into hell myself. Your senses can no longer recognize my saving grace. As the poison thins your blood, drown in your dependance. Silently securing your neck within my noose to mirror your vicious transgressions.
Cherished 03:53
I am the dagger I will drive into my heart to drain myself of my impurity. Abandoned at conception, feeding off affection left behind. I’ll never know acceptance if people only come to me to die. All I’ve cherished will run from my embrace. Nothing will stay. Dwell in my debris, never knowing how it feels to be at peace. A confidence I could never conceive when the weight of insecurity becomes too much to bear. Perception will deceive me. Losing sight as I stare into a razor, to be rewarded collections of my flaws. I am the blade forced into my face, rearranging features for the pleasure of perfection.
Imprints 03:32
Hands of hesitation intersect and leave me dead. Sharpening their edges inches from my neck. Inhaling the uncertainty that hangs above my head with portraits of my death carved into my chest. Running without feeling in our legs, we don’t appreciate the cuts that we’ve collected. Drifting through a swarm of thorns as our agony reminds us these scars were self-inflicted. I’ll give you every second until I’m gone. I hate it here and never want to leave. I hoped this flame would burn forever and I’ll give you every second until I’m gone. Staring in the face of my own fate, I hate it here and never want to leave. The imprints I have left will surely fade, but the memories remind us we shared the same pain. I will incinerate myself in my own circle of hell. A blind world won’t read my lips, though it might hear my faint farewell. All living things will starve cradled in complacency. Content inside the coffin I’ve created, I hate it here and never want to leave.
Tear the tears out of my open eyes, for I no longer need to drown in the ocean of another. Tear the tears out of my open eyes above a buried garden we’ve both lived in and bring me back to life. I promised I’d be devoid of devotion until a blinding light could thaw me from my core. Shining between the lips of lacerations as we compare the way that we burn to the sun. Throw yourself into the middle of my arms and I swear I’ll keep you safe. The scars that you keep secret were placed upon my limbs and I would fill them in with my flesh if I could. Pull the nameless arrow from my chest and exchange it with your own. Replace the hurt within me with a stare that watches over me when I allow myself to sleep.
I long to run hand in hand with angels, to feel the grace of shattered glass against my wrist. Did the mother of god cry for her son? Will mine suffer the same before I’m gone? The last thing I will see is my own face as I float between two worlds. Don’t weep for me, I will shine brighter from above to feel the need for the first time as I leave. Did the mother of god cry for her son even though she knew this day would come? Before I’m gone, the stations of the cross serve as reminders for the closest things we’ve lost. Will you love me when there’s nothing left to love?


released November 1, 2019


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