Nothing But Love

by Just Friends

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released February 13, 2019

Sam Kless - Vocals
Brianda Goyos León - Vocals
Chris Palowitch - Trombone, Synths, Vocoder
Avi Dey - Trumpet
Brandon Downum - Guitar, Vocals
Matt Yankovich - Guitar
Ryan Ellery - Guitar, Synth
Ben Donlon - Drums
Kent Soliday - Bass, Guitar, Vocals

Murph Aucamp - Auxiliary Percussion
Caliph - Vocals (Get Down)
Bart Thompson (Sick Of It All)
Eric Butler (Sick Of It All)
Andre Bernier - Keys (Worry, Flex)
Adam Claussen - Flute (Worry)
Jasper Dutz - Bass Clarinet (Faucet)
Mackenzie Karbon - Vibraphone (Faucet)
Kiril Angelov - Timpani, Roto Toms (Flex)
Aly Carminati, Léa Dorne, Arta Fan, Joshua Meehan, Robert Tindle - Choir (Worry)
University of Miami Frost Concert Jazz Band (Faucet)
Gang Vocals - Gabe Paganin, Chris Wells, Eric Butler and Bart Thompson

Produced by Chris Palowitch, Sam Kless, Ryan Ellery and Bart Thompson
Engineered and Mixed by Ryan Ellery in Lafayette, California and at The Panda Studios in
Fremont, California.
Engineered and Mixed by Chris Palowitch in Miami, Florida
Additional guitar tracking by Kitzy in Philadelphia, PA
Master by James Trevascus in Bristol, UK

Artwork by Cody Sullivan


all rights reserved



Pure Noise Records Berkeley, California

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Track Name: 1-800-CHOP-CITY
Who chops it up? We chop it up
Track Name: Never Gonna Bring You Down
I don’t like it when they bring you down
Tell them go get lost, Don’t get found
People like that just make me sick
You don’t even gotta stand in line
People like that ain’t worth your time
That’s anyone who doesn’t wanna see you shine
You’re bad and you’re so fly
And they ever gonna bring you down
You fresh and you so fine
You and I side by side that’s how I wanna spend my time
I can’t believe my eyes
And I never wanna let you down
Who’s bad? We Bad!
Track Name: Keep Up
I don't like it when they bring you down
I don't like it when your name is in their mouth
I don't like it when they say it like that
Been sayin that shit since Welcome Mats
They out here duckin and hiding
We out here livin and trying
We bring the absolute fire, y’all hear me?
Absolute fire
You say that they all make, make you feel less than great
They try to take away, they just get in your way
I heard what you really wanna say
You said that they're all dead weight
Move them 2 the side, tell em
Get out the way
Move them right out the way
You say that they all make
Make you feel less than great
They tried to take you away
Fuck them cuz they’re fake
Track Name: Supersonic
You make me feel supersonic
The way you move is so hypnotic
Love’s my illness and it’s chronic
Whatever you want ya girl I’m on it
Where you off to now
Come on back 2 bed
Why bother 2 work
Stay with me instead
How you feeling?
See the sharks, life aquatic
Track Name: Flex
I thought I would end up alone
No one hitting up my phone
Call you up, leave your name at the tone
I decided to walk away
But I saw you and had something to say
I love the way that you move
All those things you say and do
The way you move is a crime, you really did it this time
Your moves they poison my mind
You really did it this time
I just wanna dance with you Baby
I wanna be all yours tonight
Can’t believe I’m calling you Baby
Star shining bright, you lighten up my life
No one ever speaks their mind
All they do is waste my time
Someone good is hard 2 find, but I found you tonight
You optimize: Hypnotize, mesmerize, glamorize
I swear 2 god I can’t believe my eyes
Track Name: I Wanna Love You
I wanna love you dancing on the floor
We keep on dancing, which makes me love you some more
I’ve got some honey, and you got the wine
Under the moonlight, feeling so fine
We can travel all over, we can take our time
Travel all over
Baby just you and I
Track Name: Get Down (ft. Caliph)
Ring the bell
Hotter than Hell
Just Friends motherfucker can’t you tell?
Can I get down?
Track Name: Nothing but Love
t doesn’t matter what you say, it doesn’t matter anyway
Because we on top of the world motherfucker
and don’t you ever forget it
Track Name: Sick of it All
I will shut the door and I’ll sit there and mourn for the person that I used to be
I first on roll call, but now I’m sick of it all
It doesn’t seem right
To keep it bottled up on the inside
Well if you wanna cry, I let you down and I cried on the inside
It’s not what it seems when this whole world is so damn mean 2 me
The angels in my dreams, they ran away and they turned against me
Where did I go?
Track Name: Bang My Line 2
The weather outside is changing and it’s always on my mind
From the clothes I wear that day, it’s in all the songs I write
Well the weight in my waist goes straight up 2 my face
The weight in my waste makes it hard to get up today
I feel safe inside my head, wish I was out loving you instead
Bang my line if you have the time
Track Name: Faucet
I’m so filled with hate, I wish I could change
Say they can’t recognize my face
It’s all my fault, I’ll take all of the blame
Sorry now is all I can say
When I see me now I don’t know what 2 say
I’m trying so hard I try everyday
Head in the faucet, I’m circling the drain
The hate that I feel, I’m trying to change
Track Name: Worry
Beautiful sunny day, the stars are out tonight
I ask if you’re okay on February 29th
I said I’m fine, I’m good, mind your business is what you should
But do I this time?
Don’t tell me not to worry, you know I always worry
I know you lay awake thinking about the things they say
I hope you know they hold no weight, no way
All they do is talk and all they do is hate, motherfuck them all because they’re a bunch of fakes
Bang my Line I’ll help you find, your piece of mind
I know that it feels like your darkest days are here and they’re gonna stay
But we got nothing but love for you and it’s always gonna be that way
And you don’t gotta worry, you don’t gotta care
No matter what you are going through we are gonna be right there
Who they gonna hate now? Pretty soon they’re gonna hate me
If they gotta fucking say shit, pretty soon they’re gonna face me
They ain’t here talking big moves, well I know you all lying
Trying to act grown and sold out? Guess what I ain’t buying

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