No More Than This

by To The Wind

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released November 6, 2012


tags: punk Berkeley


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Pure Noise Records Berkeley, California

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Track Name: Close To Nothing
Can't count how many times that I've tried to forgive you.
Be the bigger man despite all that we've been through.
There's something deep inside my mind telling me not to
because I'm better off now I'm better off without you.

Still exhausted from the first round I'm not ready to let you in.
It takes more than words for me to forgive it takes more to forget.
Your fucking sorries don't mean anything
because your five years late and by now I've grown from it.

I don't know where I'm headed but I know where I stand I can't let you in.
You broke this home now you pay what you owe and as for me I'll be just fine all alone.

Sit back and watch it fall apart.
I can't count how many times I've tried to forgive you
but you turned your back on me yet again.
Sit back and watch it fall apart.
Track Name: To Those Before Me
These days I'm not myself
When did I give up and lose all hope
My eyes you can see right through
The scars and the pain will become apart of you
I hold these memories and I'll take them to my grave
I will never forget what you've done to me
You built the fire in my eyes and sparked change
Made me see myself from the outside
My hero's are the one's who made my dreams
Resurrect from the dead
When I needed them most your words
Were my escape those words mean everything
Those words mean everything to me
If there was no one there before you
There will be no one to inspire you
You'll keep walking the shadows all by yourself
I'll hold these memories
And I'll take this to my grave
Track Name: In Regret
How can we see progression
if we can't justify the meaning
and fix our mistakes. Nothing can change
if we can't find a sense of communication
and start confronting our flaws.
But was I too blind to see what was right for me
or was I just lost and off track?
I can't stop thinking about the past.
I fucked up everything just trying to change so
I'll take this time to fix myself.
I'm only choking by the grip of my own hands.
From it I've come to realize that this is far from over.
With this blood on my hands
I've lost sight of whats really important.
With this blood on my hands
I find myself sinking in regret.
I fucked up everything all in a misunderstanding
and there's no turning back from here.
What's done is done. Until this day I hang my head
but I try to be hopeful. I need you to know that
all in all it was the first instinct my heart gave me.
all in all it was the worst I've ever made,
but I'll have to learn from my mistakes.