Go Down In History

by Four Year Strong

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released July 22, 2014




Pure Noise Records Berkeley, California

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Track Name: What's In The Box?
Four Year Strong "What's In The Box" Lyrics

It's time to set the record straight
Then hopefully you don't just fade out
Doing what we have to, to survive
I've been waiting far too long to give up all hope
That my heart is strong enough to stay alive

I know my wounds will heal with time
but still I wear all my scars with pride

When the push comes to shove
Ill shove it down your throat
So before you mess it all up
Make sure like hell you don't
If you try to take me out
You best break all my bones
So before you mess it all up
Make sure like hell you don't

I know that every word I've said has fallen short of being clever
But think I think you get the picture
I've been working too damn hard to give in to pressure
But it doesn't mean the walls aren't caving in
Track Name: Living Proof Of A Stubborn Youth
"Living Proof of a Stubborn Youth" Lyrics
Try and walk a day in our shoes
With our souls worn and splitting
Our heels blistered and bleeding
From the miles and miles
of dragging around your dead weight

Take a look at what you're giving up
Is it enough to pull the pin
Before you reach the top
We won't stop until the wheels fall off
Until it's over

Hold on to the day
Before it gets too far away
I'm losing faith in all my past mistakes
We're living proof of a stubborn youth

And I'm waiting for the resurrection
Taking back our generation

The time has come
It's now or never
We wont make it through the night unless we stick together
So like it or not
We give all we got.

I fall asleep, I wake up and I repeat
But at least I'm still breathing
'Cause I know there's a reason
I'm torn apart right down the middle of my heart
but at least its still beating
'Cause I know there's a reason
I fall asleep, I wake up and I repeat
but at least I'm still breathing
'Cause I know there's a reason
I'm holding on
'Cause I know there's a reason

Waiting for the resurrection
Rising from the dead we've all been
Taking back our generation
Track Name: Tread Lightly
"Tread Lightly" Lyrics

Wait until the water breaks,
When all mistakes will rise to the surface
Decide. is it worth it,
To know that I will always feel like I'm

Holding my head under water
Keep me from taking another breath
It's a fight to the death
And still I keep thinking about

All I meant to tell you
I couldn't find the words to.
So read the writing on the wall
It's wasted on you
If only I knew what you would drag me into

Another seconds passed,
Another moment that I should have grabbed
But I was holding back and
I will never apologize
Forgive me if I don't sympathize 'cause I'm

Holding my head under water
Keep me from taking another breath
It's a fight to the death
And still I keep thinking

All of my friends they warned me time and time again
And the time will come where one day I will listen

The seasons are finally changing
And I know where to go
You'll find me here
In my home town
Where ill never be alone

'Cause we know these roads like the back of our fists

That we smash right though the pain and the bullshit
Track Name: Go Down In History
Will I ever know what it's called when I see it?
Will I feel like its there when I call?
Will I crawl to the end of everything that I've ever known
Just to prove I can conquer it all?
But still I know that I am just what you needed
I count to 10 but still I'm defeated
Every time that you turn to go
And Still I hang on every word that you mutter
Bite the tongue and choke out the stutter
Every time that you say hello

Time rolls on, and still I feel like its already gone

It's never too late
To keep your head straight
Move your hands Back and forth in perfect symmetry
Live like a time bomb
That doesn't have long
Go down in history

Is there anyone out there?
Or am I doing this on my own
This time I'm gonna take the world on
Bracing for impact
Cross my fingers
Hope and believe that
You'll be right by my side

Time rolls on, now I feel like its taking way too long

I know my days are numbered
So I'm making them count
I've left those minutes behind me
Without a second of doubt
Track Name: So You're Saying There's a Chance...
I never told you how much it means to me
To see you crawling on your hands and knees
And I don't like to use the word pathetic
But I call it like I see
And worst of all when all said and done you'll be crawling back to me

What am I left to do?
About all the shit that you put me through

It must be nice to be you
Standing on the edge of collapse
Living life without a clue
It must be nice to be you

The time has come for you to face it
You finally made it
Past the point of no return
You'd better believe it

Don't start a fire
If you're not willing to stomp it out

I Take the bait take the bait
It's the last time that I'll make that mistake
The last time that I push 'til it breaks