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by Heart to Heart

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A.M.F. 03:44
I didn't think you had this in you. I must admit that I'm impressed.  You left the family that I thought you blessed. You forgot your suitcase and your box of lies. But you remembered not to say goodbye.  I watched my mother cry. Does that make you feel like a man inside? Sixteen years wasted right before my eyes. How the hell do you sleep at night. It takes more to break our home than leaving us alone. I failed to see the man you claimed to be. With or without you our family tree still grows. While you're left to die alone. Looks like you've got a little more in you. You continue to impress. You left the family that I thought you blessed. A knock on my front door, my mother under arrest. The phone rings, another death threat.  Take a look at what you've done. How could you do this to the ones that you love? Take a look at what you've done. How could you do this to us?
Mentirosa 03:30
"Mentirosa" Lyrics This is my life. I’m in hell. Broken and defeated. Used and mistreated, alone. Nailed to the cross by your words. Take me out in daylight, break my will, then bury my bones. Keep your judgement. I don’t want it. I don’t need it from you. Save it for someone who cares. Last to know. I’m running out of space to grow. My fear, it comes in waves. Force swallowing the days. I’m the last to know. This is my wrath. I’m a crow circling my hometown. All I hear is death on their tongues. Try to cut out my heart will a dull knife, burn me till’ I’m just right, then seal it with a flower on my grave. As I sit here with my pen, I think back with disgust about how it all began. You’ll face it I know it. You never could call me a friend. 
Daydream 03:38
Heart to Heart "Daydream" Lyrics There’s no more holding on. No more holding back. You’re just in time for my final act. There’s a knife, there’s a gun, I’ve got some pills and some booze, tie myself to train tracks, or hang from a noose. Either way, this will all be over soon. The next time you see me, I’ll be on the evening news. I’m wide awake, but I dream I sleep forever. To escape I would take my own life just for the pleasure. There’s no life flashing before my eyes. I’m dying to see the other side. There’s a wake. Closed casket, open seats, with black roses surrounding a picture of me. My mother. The only one who weeps over a tombstone that reads, “Out of his misery.” You did this to me. You’ll see. You’ll be sorry. 
Firefly 02:53
Illuminate my darkest nights. Show me how you shine. Don’t fly too far away. Show me what it’s like to feel alive. I can see you flicker when you flash before my eyes. I can hear your whisper as you buzz on by. One of these days I’ll catch you and you can guide me through the night. Flash and flicker but please don’t fly away. I’ve got a jar right next to me. I poked holes for you to breathe. I dripped wine so you could drink. You’ll forever be mine to keep. If I set you free would you fly right back to me? Prove to me that this is meant to be. Show your true beauty. Give me a sign. Spread your wings. Teach me to fly. Lets test the fates and see if the align. Come back soon so I can get some sleep. I’ve got a place for you right next to me. They don’t see you like I do. They don’t need you like I do. In a world of black and white, you are my color, you are my light. I can’t eat, I can’t think, I can’t sleep, I can’t dream, I can’t see, I can’t breathe without you. Fly alone, free to roam, on your own, dim your glow, come back home and I’ll forever be alone. With you. 
Hellbound 02:49
Blood and oil is such a violent mix. There’s nothing good that can come of it. A burning fire inside. Silhouettes that used to have a life can’t rest. Constantly dredging up the past. Take everything I don’t mind. To hell with you. You can take your boyfriend too. It’s gonna be a long way down there. To hell with you. You can take your fake life too. It’s gonna be a long way down there. I couldn’t handle it. The pressure boiled over in my head too quick. A burning fire inside. I couldn’t focus and my body aches. The force of my hands crossing my face. Take everything I don’t mind. Turn me over like you want to so bad. Like a stranger, you’ll never see my face again. Hard to move on. Is that what you wanted so bad? False control. Hard to tell my life is like this.  
Backdraft 03:15
By the time you read this all, I could be hanging at the end of my rope.  That you tightly wrapped around my throat. You justify your cause with your pointless bullshit. Flaws, go counting each and every one. Pull the blade out when your done. You only lose your breath when you're drowning in it. Blame yourself, then put me back together.  I know you'd rather see me in pain, but you can't have it both ways.  I know you never will. Blame yourself, then put me back together.  Hold me cannibal and test my faith. No my life won't end in vein. I know you never will. By the time you hear my voice, I could be screaming at the top of my lungs. Exhausting everyone on my thoughts.  I know at some point this will all be over. Time, this waiting drives me out of my mind. I'll drink your poison, that's fine. Everyday to me is a constant struggle. I’m losing touch with the world. Forced to live within my head. I’ve lost trust in the world. I’m setting fire to my own bed. I wish everything would go away. 
Dulce 03:45
Do as you please. I’m yours to taunt and tease. Seduce me, come use me, give me what I need. You’re turning me on. Speak to me in tongues. We both know this isn’t love. What I want, what I need, give it all to me. Like candy, give me piece by piece. Like candy, how it tastes so sweet. Please come, make me feel alive. Show me what you’ve got. Show me from the inside. My face to your neck. I breathe you in. I inhale the luscious scent of sin. You cry out to god as you scream out my name. But we both know that god’s not listening. When it rains it pours. From your bed to the floor. Not until we’re out of breath will we make it out this storm. I’ll do as I please. You’re mine to taunt and tease. Induce you, I’ll use you, just to get what I need. I’m begging you please. Keep talking dirty to me. I know this isn’t love. I just want to fuck. 
Bad Habits 03:01
I’ve got a list of bad habits. I only want it cause I know I can’t have it. There I go talkin’ shit again. It does me no good but it’s fun to pretend. I say a lot of things that I don’t mean. I’ll put this bottle down after one more drink. For the sex and the drugs, I’d sell off my soul. But the devil said you can’t sell what’s already been sold. You think I give a fuck? Ya, I tried that one once. I gambled with my life and lost everything I love. This is all I’ve got. This is what I get. I set myself up for a life of regret. I’d take it back if I had the chance. I wish I could explain every mistake. It made me the man I am/hate today. How can I make anyone proud when I let everyone down? I can’t shake this. I can’t fucking take it.
Dear You, I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news. The worst part is there’s nothing you can do. You’re gonna hate me for this and the hell I’ll put you through. This is out of my hands. I leave it up to you. Seems like everything you touch will break. Everything you love will slowly fade away. Please save me. Save yourself. Could you please end everything? You were never meant to be.  You will face many choices that only you can make. Either way, it all ends up the same. There is only one thing you can do to take my pain and make it go away. Do us both a favor and take your life, as well as mine today. Take this from me, a sincere apology. We were never meant to be. You have no soul, no self control, you’re a beast, you’re a god damn animal. Like the flap of a butterfly’s wings, you can change everything. I’m sorry I did this to you. I’m sorry you’re me. 
Black Widow 04:00
You are the spider. I am the fly. Here I am trapped inside your web of lies. The one you spun with such beautiful threads. Here I hang inches from your bed. Your fangs, inching toward my head. Not until you’re done with me will you clean up the mess. Then it’s onto the next. So please give me the kiss of death. For you are one of a kind. Your kiss, more poisonous than your bite. Kiss me goodnight. Suck the life out of me. Take all that I have. Don’t go easy on me. Let me feel your wrath. You tempt me, tease me, provoke me while you laugh. Poison is the only cure. Pleasure me with the taste. So sweet and so pure. Burning my insides. Destroying my life. Wrap me up between your legs. Make me beg. I’m not enough. You always want more. You fucking whore. Oh how cunning and deceptive you can be. Laughing as you fucking suck my soul from me. Look at you swallowing me whole. Suck it. Suck my fucking soul. You are the spider. I am the fly. 


released June 17, 2014




Pure Noise Records Nashville, Tennessee

Independent record label since 2009.

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