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by The Spill Canvas

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Architecture 03:19
I wonder if we’ll ever look beyond the flesh to see the soul inside I wonder if our rights and wrongs could mesh, and we could find our stride Hollywood, make me a machine so my gears will only turn for the dollar Moving units, feeding bullshit-the pay is better when you make ‘em holler Each and every one of us were architects Taught to design a death that we could live with The beauty and the filth, and the logic on a tilt We must’ve measured wrong-look at this wreck we built Creativity gets lost in the shuffle of this so called “business” One wrong move, and your once loyal friends will disown you with a twisted quickness By all means, you deserve a cut for giving your life to these dreams So sad to see when spite meets the greed, and then lawyers convene It’s not robbery, but you could’ve fooled me
I know that you want me, haunt me deep into the tiny quiet hours of the night Buzzin’ like a chainsaw, brain thaw, ever wonder why I never put up a fight? I woke up on fire, slow motion dreams of you and everything you do Sing it with the choir-I would do anything you told me to I would do anything you told me, I would do anything I don’t commonly melt like this when we kiss Under a firestorm rippling through the air I swear nothing will compare Sweltering release, let me ignite the way of your bad behavior may it never cease I would do anything you told me to…
Darkside 03:37
Well, whaddya know? Look at me go-I’m on a rampage See I got this other wicked side and when the two collide it’s all the rage I wonder if my thunder will be way too loud for you Just creep a little closer to make sure you feel the boom, boom, boom With such a sick finesse, you played me little lady like a game of chess Although you’re no better than me, and incidentally we both deserve the agony In between the sheets your screams resonate into the city streets Fortunately, I think you can agree - there's nothing wrong with being lonely It really comes as no surprise to me we got stuck on the dark side Where all of the shine died I think we should rip ourselves apart for fun (Oh, just for fun) A little self-indulgence never hurt anyone Well, whaddya think? Twist a kink and complicate my world As easy as you please - you can follow my lead girl
Calendars 03:27
Blueprints 02:58
I guess I assumed that I had a clue, or knew how to do this While you got sicker I was drafting up my blueprints But as it turns out, they were of no use to me I’ve been so lost ever since your wings found peace This is a poor attempt at moving on This is me reluctantly giving your death a song In doing so, I get lifted from the low So if only for a moment - it won’t feel like your gone I let my regret get the better of the best memories with you Tried drugs and liquor for a quicker happy substitute But as it turns out, they did more harm than good Now I spend my days in a haze, blaming it on my childhood
If I could just unlock the mystics of this brain Then I could kill the siren whispering my name Instead, she pulls me in across a tightrope over my grave Little does she knows that she’s fuckin’ with a soul I don’t really wanna save Sweet oblivion, you taste so good to me I shoulda known that you were everything but free If I could just untie this knot that’s coming loose Then I would quantify the squeeze for the juice Instead, I’m out here bobbin’ on a wake of decimation I choose Little did I know I’m already predisposed to these quicksand blues I shoulda known it then, so I vacate your street And I get fearful now when someone younger repeats after me: Good God, holy hell I revel in this turbulence-I love to hate myself
Gallon 03:57
I believe there’s something more to me Another layer that my bloodshot eyes can’t see And if I’m being honest-my faith is mainly trickery I just need to keep repeating this So the gallon stays within my wrist I believe there’s something more in me Another dimension that my tired mind can’t read And if I’m being honest-my fate is all too plain to see This awful feeling never ever goes away As long as I’m breathing evil has a place to stay Cyclical queasy, nothing is easy I hear myself convince myself to try - yet still, I kinda wanna die I believe there’s nothing more for me Another way that my hope can’t pay the fee And if I’m being honest-my faith is shameful trickery
Akathisia 02:55
Almost always I think that you’re disgusted by me My muse, forsooth, I am too Almost always I dream of breaking us free Can you be the panacea? And help to pull me through I wish you didn’t have to do this Deal with all the bullshit I keep in between the crackle and the hiss I wish you didn’t know me like this But you do, and I am broken-crumbling to bits Almost all day I wanna be someone else My muse, don’t move, I can’t see Almost all day I’m on the bottom shelf Can you be the panacea? This final remedy
It still feels like I’m in a dream Ever since you anchored next to me All our molecules were made for this entanglement You complete my circuitry I was so stuck until you came Reminded me I even have a name All our molecules were made for this entanglement You bring my focus into frame These convictions were see-through, till I met you I used to be so afraid to feel anything good or remotely real I never believed in the magical until you came along and you lit up the world Now nothing even comes close to you, evermore I do I believe in it cuz I want to, evermore I do Now nothing even comes close to you, infinitely evermore I do On the subatomic level we align I want your ecstasy in my spine All our molecules were made for this entanglement Intertwine your soul with mine These convictions were see-through, until I knew I feel you on my left side I feel you on my right side I will do my part I'll show you my heart
Conduit 03:48
This is an official signal out to the ether I am but a vessel for your song This disbelief is now somehow typical procedure Need not be special to belong, to belong Anyone, anything Somewhere out there listening Cover me in all your glow, high up over the trees Everything in every way Powers that be operate I’d rather die high on my feet, than live like this on my knees Folded over twisted in the mystery of my soul I can’t seem to find where I go wrong This disbelief is now somehow out of my control Need not be perfect to be strong, to be strong This rapid fire that we require It’s gonna be the end for us


released March 5, 2021


all rights reserved



Pure Noise Records Nashville, Tennessee

Independent record label since 2009.

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