by The Spill Canvas

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    releases March 5, 2021

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Firestorm 03:05
I know that you want me, haunt me deep into the tiny quiet hours of the night Buzzin’ like a chainsaw, brain thaw, ever wonder why I never put up a fight? I woke up on fire, slow motion dreams of you and everything you do Sing it with the choir-I would do anything you told me to I would do anything you told me, I would do anything I don’t commonly melt like this when we kiss Under a firestorm rippling through the air I swear nothing will compare Sweltering release, let me ignite the way of your bad behavior may it never cease I would do anything you told me to…
Darkside 03:37
Well, whaddya know? Look at me go-I’m on a rampage See I got this other wicked side and when the two collide it’s all the rage I wonder if my thunder will be way too loud for you Just creep a little closer to make sure you feel the boom, boom, boom With such a sick finesse, you played me little lady like a game of chess Although you’re no better than me, and incidentally we both deserve the agony In between the sheets your screams resonate into the city streets Fortunately, I think you can agree - there's nothing wrong with being lonely It really comes as no surprise to me we got stuck on the dark side Where all of the shine died I think we should rip ourselves apart for fun (Oh, just for fun) A little self-indulgence never hurt anyone Well, whaddya think? Twist a kink and complicate my world As easy as you please - you can follow my lead girl
It still feels like I’m in a dream Ever since you anchored next to me All our molecules were made for this entanglement You complete my circuitry I was so stuck until you came Reminded me I even have a name All our molecules were made for this entanglement You bring my focus into frame These convictions were see-through, till I met you I used to be so afraid to feel anything good or remotely real I never believed in the magical until you came along and you lit up the world Now nothing even comes close to you, evermore I do I believe in it cuz I want to, evermore I do Now nothing even comes close to you, infinitely evermore I do On the subatomic level we align I want your ecstasy in my spine All our molecules were made for this entanglement Intertwine your soul with mine These convictions were see-through, until I knew I feel you on my left side I feel you on my right side I will do my part I'll show you my heart


releases March 5, 2021


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