When Fear Turns To Confidence

by Pure Noise Records

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released March 12, 2019


all rights reserved



Pure Noise Records Berkeley, California

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Track Name: When Fear Turns To Confidence
When fear turns to confidence you see through your minds tricks and find reason to abstain which brings about an awakening

It relaxes into your soul
Doesn’t give you a sense that you’re missing out
It melds with your person
Becoming part of a movement that’s worth it

So many start the same way
Fucking afraid
When fear turns to confidence you can feel the ascent

Ascension from doubt
Discovering a place where you know yourself
Looking in the mirror and seeing yourself clearer

A confident existence without substance assistance
A reason to claim
The strength to stay
Track Name: Vagrant
It’s like drugs have become your source of self esteem
Practically made a pact to never get clean
Chased that rabbit down in a hole
Sunk in your fucking soul
Point that finger at me when you feel the loss
When it’s you alone who put your drugs between us

Setting your whole life ablaze between a drugged out haze or alcohol fueled rage
Constantly treading on thin ice crossing everyone in sight without thinking twice

You’re a true craftsman in the art of wearing out your welcome

A drifter for a modern age
I think that it’s about time you went on your way
Track Name: Uninhibited
Can you feel it?
Every sense as it’s exactly intended
Nothing to numb
Nothing to enhance
This is my life
My drug free stance

No feelings of superiority
This is just a search for total understanding
I won’t live my life ensnared
I see this world unimpaired

Free to feel
Feeling free

I wanna feel everything
All the joy and all the pain
I wanna feel it exactly as it’s intended
I wanna live uninhibited

As long as I breathe I will be
Fucking poison free
Track Name: Into The Shadows
You went from someone I could trust to a husk of emptiness
You were a person I could count on
Now you’re nothing short of a shadow

You began this descent
I watched in disbelief

You made a conscious decision to splinter yourself from our connection
From a person to poison
I witnessed a transformation
A total reversal of all you once were

Simple freedom from injustice
Left me predisposed to distrust the causes of your choices
Speaking loudly without voices
The heartache you caused us
Do surrounding and no love lost
Will remind us of your friendship
Broken bonds now never mending

If actions speak louder than words I’m completely deaf from yours

So destructive all your choices
Speaking loudly without voices
All that’s left on the surface
Just a shell that was a person
Track Name: Inclination
I’m in awe of this every single day
Unification of passion
A reminder of why I stay
The thought of leaving never crosses my mind
Nothing realer than finding your kind

This energy keeps me sane
Without it I don’t even know who I’d be
The thought of leaving never crosses my mind
Nothing realer than finding your kind

Through my commitment to clean living
I’ve discovered my life’s true meaning
A flame that can’t be extinguished
I feel myself drawn to this
I just can’t explain it enough
This is something more than luck

A drug free proclamation
My straight edge inclination

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