What You Don't See

by The Story So Far

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released March 26, 2013


tags: punk Berkeley


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Pure Noise Records Berkeley, California

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Track Name: Things I Can't Change
This twitch in my fingers
Love/hate it lingers
Sent it direct, but the point must have missed her
Gave up and lost, cause of timing and pressure
And now I'm gone

Lie alone its, all you can do now
And hear me drone
About the things I cant change
And hear me drone on my own

What has this come to?
I know you don't see me as much you ought to
And both wounds are bleeding out
Grace me with nothing but patience
I'll admit that I hate this if there’s no other way out

On the outs with everything
The calm and talk you seldom bring
Track Name: Stifled
Overseas while you’re back west
Sleeping off the restlessness
Everything will be fine
Just going to be keep my mind on your bed
And your bed on my mind

I'm so sore from sleeping on the floor
I never see your face anymore
(Maybe I'll come back around)
I'm so sore from sleeping on the floor
I want what we had before
(You made me come back)

Stifled there but you still
Walk in place
I'm distant now they say I'm
Rude of late
I pass up sleep as my mind debates
The message I put forth
Just admit if you're not sure

All they'll know is second best
But it still brings the restlessness
Don't think that it’s fine
I lie because this distance is poisons
it fucks with my mind

I'm so sore
Can you give me some more
Space to grow what was sewn before
I'm so sore
Stomach’s on the floor
I swear I always wake up before

Can't help but dwell on what you're doing
I'm much too slow for the pace that you're moving
A piece of us will stay unmoving
But how's it ever going to feel the same again?
Track Name: Small Talk
Of all the roads
I took the wounded way
Of all the words
That you chose to say
There were only 3 that held any weight
The rest was all just small talk

Lust, I hate it
I guess it’s what you make it
Now it’s said with past tense
For the sake of moving past this

Breaking in to me
Tell it how you think it’s going to be
I'll bite back with broken teeth
So helpless I can't help this

I sense
Your purpose
So tense inside yet not on the surface
And if this is worth it
Then why is there still small talk?

Where is my patience
I cannot erase this
It lives inside me and it will die with me
This gap between us grows on
The last thing I want to do is move on
Track Name: Playing The Victim
Crushing you inside of my grip again
You're breathing in
Pushing this aside till when?
Ignoring that pain
Felt you creep inside of my head again
It all depends on where I am and who I'm there with

It’s rough when we're both square one
With so much undone, who lost and who won?
All rain, no sun

Don't want to have to speak to anyone

Said this will kill if you let it
Somehow I forget
I should be asleep I shouldn't be upset
Playing the victim
While you're still here
Blaming the future on the things I fear

Waking up to gloom and routine again
You're breathing in
That air that dries your lungs
But you kept our trust
And said do what you must to be happy
And I left with a debt that called me
Out quick to be honest with it all
So now I just sing about missing this and missing that
but what will it really bring?

Just a special circumstance
Where in lies the worst part that I can't accept
Coming up on Fall
are there things we haven't spoke on yet?
Said you won't regret
But you and I are one in the same
Don't want to have to feel numb
I don't want this undone
Don't want to have to speak to anyone
Track Name: Right Here
Do you see good intent
When you read me
You're trying to test me
You don't get my mindset
You only see the where and the when
Is that how your time’s spent
Anticipate then It’s gone again
Its appeal is the lust for the things you conceal
Roll on like the spoke in your wheel
Until it breaks and you feel how I feel

All I really want is to stay right here right now
There's so much more to talk about
The mind you broke and the price that it costs me now

When I was gone I slept by myself and woke up alone
It feels like a fracture
A split in the bone
No more safe time
For us to be home
Leaving this again and when
You're in their backyards,
You're not here you can't tie my seams
So pick out those glass shards
They don't belong in your feet

Head on the wall tell me why I feel so small
When I don't even care at al
Track Name: Empty Space
All that I know
Is your space is empty
It’s buried below
The stress and the envy
All the places I go
It still hasn't left me
I hated it then and now it consumes me

I dwell on it nightly
Tread swiftly and lightly
Make up the lost ground
And see what you don't see
All questions aside I asked and you lied
And now my hands are tied

All I can show
Is absence from your life
That I can't control
It’s all that I get right
Keep paying the toll
I know that it seems like
I'm always upset
Track Name: The Glass
Lead you so far down
I could tell you'd never been
Told me that time's near
And how it will change everything
I'm not so open like the window you are
The glass just reflects the scar

Told me that you had to leave
But how the fuck does that change anything?

Your glare is the faintest
No brightness to show
I made the best of what I thought
was impossible
You were the spade I used
To dig this hole
Blistered my skin to the bone

Swear all the pain’s done
No trace or tremor here
Or am I still numb? Have I been this whole year?
So let me bite down, feel the clench in my teeth
Till I come around then relapse and repeat

And now you're gone.
Track Name: All Wrong
I doubted the way that the space could be filled for so long
I was so Headstrong that maybe just maybe I was dead wrong
Tried to see if I could speak about it
And now I don't know how to live without it right in the dent of my chest
Feeding off your mind cause you know best
And craving the days with you and your bed that wait back west
It’s never enough, no it’s never enough, no it’s never enough

Its no fun to play this song
So I'm done
You said I got it all wrong
But, I'm sure everything we did before
Doesn't really matter anymore
Its no fun to play this song
So I'm done
I know I got it all wrong
So I’m sure everything I did before

Woke up covered in the sweat again
Worry and fog the lens
No solace I miss the fuck out of all my friends
I think back to sleeping on the back bench
Wish I'd let the absence tell them all of the things that I can't
And now its all just patience
My father told me don't pass this up
and take all the luck you can get
It’s never enough

Caught you leaving
You were high in the ceiling
On your own
Dodge your demons
Take your reasons
With you when you go
Track Name: Bad Luck
I try to rise and fall with sun
But lately, it doesn't make any sense to me
Walking by myself trap the silence in the hall
And I can feel the pressure in my head
I'm the book you always opened but you never read.
Beside the box you call your bed

It’s your fault I'd say
I let this blind me
Forlorn in sullen head
Suffer your ill intent

Watch your mind ignore
Just like all those times before
That’s the way it is
And I won't write you back anymore
There’s better faces
To fill all the spaces
Left by the masks you wore

Maybe that’s the reason I was never enough
Cause all I do is chuck it up to bad luck
Unfinished business has me stuck
Bad luck
Track Name: Face Value
I let the furnace of my anger
Heat where you lay
It never burned you, it just kept the cold at bay
Write it over and over again
The same chords the same end

How many times did I offend?

Is it so hard to think like we used to?
It’s nothing I can't prove
To my stubborn self
I can't control you
Selfish if I do
All of the plans that you made never included me

You play roles in my fate
Struggle and fight to relate
There’s nothing here to sedate
So I wait
And write it over and over again
The same chords the same end

With age comes time
You don't need me to remind
You just read all of this line by line
Track Name: Framework
I still think on you, the place, the time
And all the solitude
There’s nothing I hate more
than pushing you away with my fucked up attitude
I've been counting paces
since the last time we touched faces
It’s a lot like trading spaces
Where I'm the dormant one and you're away

How'd this happen?
Found your way in
So distracting
Splitting me in half again

Can't ever sever the ties I made
The knots are strong
The framework's laid
No matter how many things I save
The tangible will always be what I crave
But I've been resting cases
And writing just to erase this
It used to just seem so basic
When I knew every single word to say

Thought I'd burn the seams if they frayed
Thought I'd prove the point that I made
However long you're gone I will wait
I will wait