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What Matters Most

by Forever Came Calling

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August Is Home Lyrics So alone that it just makes sense, finding out now what love truly is I buried the weight but the debt still exists and the interest rates are closing in. Scream what you want settle for-get lay in your bed not getting rest bury the weight with a stained mattress, oh the interesting ways we learn to forgive. CHORUS Whoa? This isn't what I thought it would be. Woe! Why can't we just want the same things? If it's what you always wanted and what you'll always need take it from me. 25 back bedroom floor 6086 Morongo rd and you always thought you were meant for more. You never knew what home is, you never that home is people that you care about, fuck a place that you grew up in. Chorus Bridge I've got a twin mattress coffin that we made into a home, cheap candles, champagne, and your drag queen shows. I can't give you much more than a promise my word, my sick obsessions and to always fetish your worth. Your captivated captain, sits captive on your seas, set my sails to your waves and cut the anchor free.
Mapping With A Sense Of Direction Voice fail me not. Fill the void in the slot, Clench my fist and wait for my shot. Has it ever been worth it, your dream is a burden? And you’re constantly searching. Common sense ain't common when, you’ve got common men commenting, On everything you ever did. I payed that toll but, didn’t cross that bridge. And the road rolled on again. Embracing my resentment, always know I earned it Making the most of memories, I would never take it back, they complete me Its not your place, you don’t speak for me, you don’t dream like me. It’s not your place, no. The tires groan, everyone complains, they all wait up for us around all of the holidays. You’re not the same as when you left that place, fake your death, fucking change your name. I hold my dreams inside until Til one day becoming just one note, escaping through a makeshift hole. I speak truth with just a pen, Just a name you’ll soon forget. Embracing my resentment, always know I earned it Making the most of memories, I would never take it back, they complete me Its not your place, you don’t speak for me, you don’t dream like me. It’s not your place, no. I fell apart again inside of my indifference All the maps I read couldn’t help with leaving it It took I ever had, you know Ill always try again. I found a spark in the normal, Im using that spark again.
Substances 03:30
Close out the tab, and you’ve cashed yourself out for one night. “Yea, I’m fine. Why would I lie?” I’d pay the tab, but I’m hard up for cash, Lost a good friend “Yea, Im fine, Why would I?!” It’s not a huge deal, a little is less than a bit. Your grinding your teeth like you’ll never quit So i folded again, its easier to drink, then it is to just quit. Keep up that pace, the one that you hate when everything changed, everything. I don’t feel sorry for any of it. Keep up that pace, the one that you hate, when you can’t face the choice you made. I don’t feel sorry for any of it. So you’re staying at that hotel, out in the barrio They run drugs out of all night? So you and him share a room and abuse. as you script lines “Yea, I’m fine. its not your life" Let go of the little, Need more than a bit Your mother called again, worried sick So I withhold it again, It’s nights like this, you learn all about your friends You use your shovel like the only tool you have to use to turn the earth enough til it could finally bury you You use your shovel like the only thing you have to fix to turn up that earth a bit, but I’m pounding it back again. Friends strung out on substances and I’m not sure what to do with them. Ive been staying strong but you’re spun again pissed at me for calling you on it My friendship, I hope is relevant. in times like this,i have to ask I hope you find me relevant, Yea, I hope you find me relevant.
Defenseless 03:08
I just can’t face myself alone. I opened the window to let the breeze know, I need to feel at home. It happened it did, her dress it slid, deciding to kiss the floorboards again. She now stands motionless and naked, I glimpsed the edge but couldn’t take it Well I’m so defenseless, don’t think that I wouldn't , but never meant it, I swear I can mend this. I’ve got a little bit of courage and a head full of smoke, lets see how far I can take this. I’ve got to focus now on everything that What Matters Most To gain perspective, stand on edges. Same mistakes I’ll never make again. I found the man i thought I was, learned inside a A cheap hotel, a borrowed buzz still couldn’t bring myself to feel that rush Stomach spilled, I still got my guts You brought me in with confidence assuming I would cave to hips, and kiss your lips My father told me Honest men, can lie again And nothings broken you can’t fix. I fell asleep on the floor again, What did you expect? I had to gain perspective You’re not true til tested. I’m tested. Same mistakes ill never make again."
Transient (I Don’t Miss) Lyrics When your father died you were 22, Finally taught you something after all those years of abuse, That there truly are those debts you can’t un-do. crying in your bed, as you are salting the wound An object of a sacrament but most men think its just a test, I think you finally see the truth I get it now after where you’ve been I had guilt, you had other men. I guess we both we both measured ourselves to them. Home never was the same again, of all the things I missed, you we’re one of them. Home never was the same again, of all the things I said It’s what I always meant. I could preach to you now about honest men… I was 17 and just a stupid kid, knew nothing more than my sacraments and even then, still the best man you ever met…. That makes me sad for both of us, Proud that you swore off drugs, the courage that must of took.. So I got fucked for both of us, cried in my fathers truck, and you just sat. Chorus 1 Home never was the same again, of all the things I missed you we’re one of them. Home never was the same again, of all the things I said It’s what I always meant. Makes me wish we never met So damn hard to just forget That one fall we were alone, together You follow roads that you don’t know Hoping that they’ll guide you home. If what you want is a home, A waste of time that you spent. It’s not the places you found, But in the people you kept. If you think you’re alone its just a turn of the head. If you’ve been here before you can beat this again.
We met when we were younger when I didn't know myself. There were quiet reservations about all my expectations Keep your t-shirt on till your shoes finally leave the floor. You were highly anticipated as my next salvation Keep hands clasped timing is everything. We were lost on your bedroom floor. We were hoping but we were not sure. Who loved who more? Endangered innocence? Endangered in a sense. Your summer dress and that desert heat My idle idles hand finally found there feet. Airport anxiety, a shot or two and a Midwestern breeze. We were calling all hands to come quietly Because if this doesn't work it changes everything. You wear my ring so proud, My true north across a world heading south.
Indebted 04:04
I'm sitting in the car right now feeling sort of epic, I just got my bones ripped clean and all along you loved it. I just want to hum along to all my favorite songs. Screams she hates Bukowski but not for cliched reasons. She sees hope in broken men and that patron saint of drinking I just trace along all her lines that turn me on. The strongest man you ever met, but names like that always come with debt, so I start to believe almost violently that I can do most anything. CHORUS This is where it ends, this is where it ends this is where it all comes in This is where it ends where it all begins, every definitive moment happened. This is where I show where I came from, it's all in the name son. I'll be more than you ever could ask me to be. What was I made for if not your front door, counting the steps til I'm inside, it was the 9th one everytime. I'm sitting in the car again what the hell just happened? I spilt my mind too many times and dirtied up your canvas CHORUS So let me down easy and say it's worth the time we spent. Keep all of your promises, keep all of them. I fucked a million times amusement rides, scream goodnight. I fucked up a million times whiskey to wine in central standard time to pacific standard time, I swear I loved you every time. I'm sitting in the car again the seat next to me's empty.
We talked all night again, I miss the sweet taste of her skin. We talked all night again she can’t do it alone. We fell asleep in parking lots, cheap hotels and borrowed spots. She fell asleep with my tshirt on spinning our favorite songs she says she wants to be married. We don’t know where were going, but we sure know where we’ve been. We don’t know where were going but were going again. CHORUS We pass through your hometown 3 times a year now, every things changed how? you did it your own way Let change be the constant pace that you wanted throw out all caution We did it our own way We talked all night again, of all the places this could end. We talked all night again, we can’t do it alone. Battlecry for the downtrodden. “Contender, well its such a hit at least with critics and hipster elitists. So tell me why, I can’t pay my rent. PRE We don’t know where were going but to the basements of our friends. We don’t know where were going but were thankful for it Chorus We pass through your hometown 3 times a year now, every things changed how? We did it our own way. Friendships are fading, as I keep on chasing this dream that is taking everything not strapped down. I nailed it down and mixed the two. Real life, and what is really you. I took the two and made a truce but they broke it again. FUCK. Fuck YOU, I hate this. You’re all presentation, punk rock is safe when Your judged by your looks, no not the words that come out We did it our own way.
Can someone please help me out? Cuz I’ve been running in circles, finally lost myself. Self medicate out-loud, Did the whiskey shots, in the parking lot help? I’ll stay if you’ll stay too, I’ve got my brother and we lean like fences. Can’t cry in this crowded room. I pulled hard enough, can’t get away from this. My stomach starts to rot with all the memories that I’ve missed. Can I be forgiven now, even though i spent years like this? And the Gospel sang ‘Hallelujah” but I just miss ya. You taught me so many things, but until I learn how to grieve You’re just asleep. I’ll stay if you’ll stay too, but I can hardly stand their faces. Heads all bowed in prayer searching in absence of salvation. There shouldn’t be strangers at these You might be blood but that don’t make family. My spanish mother, glimpsing now her kids She sees his legacy inside of everyone of them, she holds onto her ring knowing she’ll never love again. And the Gospel sang ‘Hallelujah” but I just miss ya. It was the first time you heard me sing, Their were people I’ve never seen Consoling me I don’t think I’ll sleep again, The cars backed up for miles, in this funeral procession.. Carried to rest, in sundays best, we buried him next to Mit. I’ll take apart again, everything I ever did, if it would bring you home again, make us whole again. It was the first time you heard me sing, and for that I’m so sorry It was the first time you heard me sing, for all my days you’ll sing with me.. and the gospel sang
Verse one : don't be don't be so damn deceptive You reap what you sew Your mouth only lies if you let it But u have to know , you have to know The truth makes u uncomfortable Beneath it all , your skin and bones Lies a soul that's miserable Prechorus : Switch it up / just for once / have a taste of how u made me feel / Push your luck / bite your tongue / don't stop until you're done. Chorus : I hope I am too late to save you when you're lying there chocking / no conscience In your brain/ your throat is what you're lying there holding / you're perfect in your place / cold enough to break this silence / I don't wish u well , if you can't tell I don't wish u well . Don't be, don't be so damn defensive you know what you did an excuse means you don't regret it. Less is more, less is more when it comes to the things we can't afford. A stateline, flight of stairs and the books I read to be prepared
Angels In Your Closet" Lyrics I stared at all the angels in your closet, Pissed to hell at them for forgetting us again. Learn the definition of relentless, I’m nervous of all the things, this will change in me. Repeat, Repent, and listen I’ll say it again, "I’m half the man he ever was" Repeat, Repent, and forgive I’ll say it again "I’m not the son I should of been." I can’t seem to find myself, you’ve got what you want you’re the sum of regret I Can’t seem to find myself You’ve got what you want, you’re the biggest cynic Give up, I tried, Lost it all to selfish fights Give up, I tried I’ll learn to listen You can say its different but I know. It’s over it’s done we lost and we won opened our eyes to the casualties I’m watching you sleep I’m too scared to leave so I’ll sit and wait I’ll keep you safe Like you did for me There’s times when I still catch myself From talking like you’re still around The likeness that my mirror found So proud, I let it hit the ground You got your wings, so fly away I’m sorry father you can’t stay You’re welcome once I change my ways Repeat, Repent, and listen I’ll say it again, "I’m half the man he ever was" Repeat, Repent, and forgive I’ll say it again "I’m not the son I should of been." That gap, I bridged I’m a better man for it Your conscience lost to old regrets The honest man you won’t accept You rolled the dice, and lost the bet {You chose your vice, you lost the bet} To live again, we'd die for it I’m not the selfish man I’ve been I swear I’m not the selfish man I’ve been.


released October 21, 2014




Pure Noise Records Nashville, Tennessee

Independent record label since 2009.

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