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Under Soil And Dirt

by The Story So Far

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I’m falling in and out again
Roam 02:54
Give up and go home. Alone, and suffer some more. This head of stone let's no one in anymore. My effort is never enough. I'll start unpacking all of my stuff. Cause I've come to know my place. So let's wreck everything I’ve built except the base. You have no idea how unproductive it is to fall in and out of you as often as I do. And lately I’ve been feeling grey but today. I'm alright no thanks to you. Think I’ll go and roam ou side your boundary. Walk on the ridge. Far away from the city. Friends of friends prove untrustworthy. Be gone, just like you were at the last party. No SOS until the bottles are empty. Now my hunger isn’t wasted anymore. Cause I’m younger but im tired and I’m sore. I know where you've been.You're ruining men. Never again will I let someone in.
Quicksand 02:38
If I hold on much longer I might break my hands. I must respect the space you have but you tread in my lands. And all things aside I know we both know where we stand. I'm stuck here. And you’re there and that's it. This quicksand it pulls me under. It pulls me underneath her. And I'm learning how to live with my unintended consequences. While you're busy jumping fences. Afraid to stay in one spot for too long. Biting the bait. Pulling me down. Telling myself to rebuild and rebound. Yet always hoping to see you around. Cause that's my idea of safe and sound. But I'd rather gamble lose all and face death than fucking rot here exhausted from this waste of breath. I always waste my breath. I'm trying hard. Real hard. Everyday not to lose my temper.
Shovel the coal in this fire ignite and conspire. Still doesn't mean that I'm not in your head. I’m falling in and out again. Slipped up and cared too much again. I must wake up move on and mend. Instead of wasting so much time here. Cause I’ve grown up only to hate my own bed. I figure I'll just sleep when I’m dead. Despite what you heard I know what I said. I understand it was harsh but guess what. I’m falling in and out again. Taking the deepest of breaths. Frustration doubles with stress. Lying prone in this mess. Put yourself in my place for just one day. Watch all the colors in your spectrum fade grey. More aware than ever that I might never be calm again. And it shakes every fucking bone. Trying to do the right thing on my own. So I let the ink tell you how I come to grips with all of this. I’m getting too old for this. What do you know, my shoes are my own. Tread the granite till you find some kind of place to call home. We're never gonna be the same again. Bury me I'm not your friend. You have your sword I've got my pen. Measuring might is a means to an end. Not broke, just bent.
High Regard 03:51
Barter and trade always passive aggressive. In spite of who you say you are. And smother my name under soil and dirt in the earth. Widen the distance apart. Fuck an apology, I'm not sorry for anything. I've been holding back my apathy for far too long. You don’t deserve what you haven't earned. And your place in my heart has just grown so small. I'd like to think that you're worth my time. But you embody everything that I hate. Take a good hard look at what you see. I’ve lost all my hope and all my faith. Cause when I barely fuck up, you just recoil and weep. What do you want from me. I'm just a kid who got into deep. My walls are built up high forever bound to be steep. I got a bird's eye view of all the secrets you keep. Try to tell me that you knew from the start. That I would come to know that most would never enter my heart. Because I'm colder than the others, it's what sets me apart.You manipulate and try to shine your light on my dark. But this is my life you should bounce and never call again. No more strife, go find it in the souls of other men. You know you're not as smart as you look. I'm gonna take back what you took. And you didn't know shit from the start.
Daughters 03:06
Before you twist your tongue Know there's no chance at all Came here against my will And my wills tested strong. Until now, I know we've never met But I don't want to talk and I'm already upset That you'll meet your demise in a drunken man's bet Take another pull to make certain you forget. And to think that you're somebody's daughter Away at college not getting smarter. Everything changes when all the lights in the room are as low as you, But don't trip you'll sober up soon Regain an honest perspective as you puke on the floor Can't remember why your knees are so cut up and sore. And you'll be hung over all day. (all day! all day!) You'll be hung over all day. (all day! all day!) [x4]
Mt. Diablo 04:09
Everything about you is somebody else. You're a product of environment and middle class wealth. And sleeping that much wont improve your health. Your interest in me is like dust on the shelf. Easy to brush of despite your mood. Call me a liar I’ll show you a fake. My old man told me to think on my own and I’m sure that’s your biggest mistake. Watch the sunrise over Mt. Diablo. If you even bother getting dressed today. You'll avert your eyes neglect the skies. I hate it when you act that way.I miss the old you the one I used to talk to the one who kept her judgments at bay.Will I ever see you again? Will I ever see you? If you cut out scheduled time you'll find piece of mind. Trust me its worth your weight in gold. And if you think you're fine go ahead follow that line. At least none of my friends do what they're told, buy what they’re sold. Do you look yourself straight in the eyes. And think about who you let between your thighs. Cut the shit be real with me. You're the only one I ever fucking judge, he one who came to school everyday, woke up for the world, practiced honesty, her business was hers. Will I ever see you again? Will I ever see you?
Four Years 02:44
All my friends have gone away. Sailing vessels leaving the bay. For the best four years and the promise of pay. But they don’t even know what they're chasing. Greater men have tried and failed. And all this time I thought that I'd stay. As a ghost who would haunt this mountain. Alive in the ground digging out my coffin. Time was short on courts and pavement. We knew we had to leave. But did I make the most of every day. And did I give to not receive? Are there any words to better express the full extent of my grief? It hits home when you're not home. There’s no space to grow, and all this time not much to show. and all this time I thought that I’d stay. As a ghost who would haunt this mountain. Maybe I should hold my tongue. And do my best to live with the stress that’s mounting. I understand we all went away so we could have the stories to share when we're back. Try to pass the same old shit to get a ahead and start your paper stack. I never thought I never thought a bond was something we lacked. Guess some of us just needed a change to heal the bones that we cracked. It takes four years away from your friends. To make you all forget how much time you spent.
Rally Cap 02:18
I should have told you when we were younger. Talk quenches thirst but does nothing for hunger. And I’m starving its been like this for three years now. They tell me take it easy but I don't know how. I've got nothing in common with anything anymore. I don't have any place to stay but I wouldn't advise the risk.You leave me in the deep end with ankles made of bricks. But I'm used to dealing with crooks and pricks. They fill the minutes while the clock ticks. Self medicate cause I'm sick. Of cutting ties much too thick. Please make this painless and quick.
Placeholder 03:05
This body is closed until further notice. Wandering too close will get you no where fast. I'm looking for an option that won't involve you at all. Some help to hoist my sail off of its mast. And its haunting me but I feel fine. War of worlds in real time. Better off signing a truce that's drawn up in your name. But I hope you go home and admit you. Were wrong for the stress you put me through. Free me from the anchor depart these seas and let me do what I have to do. Am I so wrong to think that you are too. Is it safe to be a pawn? When all the rooks close in on you. I used to be afraid of time before I grew. The sands will slip and the pain will grip. And the guilt will trip all over you. Running around in circles. The path I always choose.I hate that I can't accept anything more. Than the worn out soles of my shoes. Just say something back and cut me some slack. Headstrong in the world. With the wind at my back.
Closure 03:19
Say what you need to say for the last time. State all the premises figuring you'll be just fine. So I’ll get mine you get yours and if we're both happy its settled forevermore. Holding the impression of a man when I was still a boy. Said no regrets but its hard not to feel any remorse. I'm still debating whether I have even found the source. Of all my discomfort and blunt discourse.But I know what I want and don't need what I get. I invest my ideas but get swallowed in debt. And the only release is to yell and to sweat. Until my clothes are soaking wet. Stay under my skin.Tear me limb from limb. Plague me to an end. I can't believe I always thought I would be there for you. For now I’ll learn and settle for less. Shut my eyes and get some rest. Feel the pulse beneath this sunken chest. And maybe one day I can be there for you. Isn’t it true that if it hadn’t been for me you’d still have no place to fall. And all this time I thought I knew. When I had no idea at all.All is fair in love and war.You have your gifts some say their poor. But I don't care about any of that anymore. Let us depart and return when we have grown some more. I wish I could say that I’ve seen this before. The depth of the bottom the taste of the floor. It leaves me restless and tired and sore. But you won't break my mind just yet. I battle this alone. I don't want to haunt you. I just want to grieve. I don't want to haunt you. I just want to leave.


released June 21, 2011


all rights reserved



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Independent record label since 2009.

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