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Tap Night (Deluxe)

by thoughtcrimes

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Artificer 04:00
If all's fair in war Make love, wage war If all's fair in love Decorate your bones in charms First blood Foreplay With daggers drawn Dedicate your drowning lungs to the river that filled them up Synchronize the ballroom's walk I’ll move faster than gambling debts and powdered drugs My lips never moved when I sounded it out in only vowels Don't raise your hands You son of a bitch Unless you learn to keep them swinging I want to see the look in your eyes As i squeeze until you stop twitching Clenched fist like a wrecking ball Dog eats dog Better safe than sorry if there was safety This is a waste of all our time You've put the knives away If you can cut the clouds Divide the waves If you cover up your mouth with your hands I’ll loose the words and lose its worth Brace yourself for the end of the world There's nothing to fear but the few of us The fever's just behind the pulse Reactions All fragile hearts will not mend All fragile hearts bend and break This will rust and weather And so will I
Morning star how did you learn to burn bright? Matchstick to torch Torn from your throat to the basement What’s right? Enthralled I wonder wanderer how long have you drifted for Take the first boxcar passing from here to nowhere Bipedal stride We've stayed too long to make an entrance So strike a pose I wonder wanderer how long have you drifted for From a ghost town with one horse to the foot of the throne I am that son of a gun who kicked down the door where you’re hiding your daughter Get in Get out Cash in Cash out (if i make it out here alive) Break in (if i make it out here alive) Break out (if i make it out here alive) Blackout I am the smoking gun The bus stop christ shouting down from his soapbox Better beware The king has made his arrival Give praise, give thanks, raise your glass Keep me close Raise your glass Keep me close I’ve gone from the edge to the end Fight for scraps Sold for parts There's dirt on my hands Don't let it go Morning star how did you learn to burn bright? Matchstick to torch I am the torch Bow down
We've kept our faith but held on to nothing Now hold the light extinguish life Death throes Man and god and god his man The lower forth is breaking in The frequency is tuning up to sing a higher song Same situation, new understanding Just another series of "is" and "was" No ending No beginning Where do we start The red bathed in gold Digital Geometry Stoke the flame, extinguish light Start the war and end the fight Fixate your eyes and blind your sight A beta state, an alpha mind The figurehead is glaring out and spiraled down Gasoline and cellophane Come to grips and find another poison to keep us used Pacify Shifting phase as outer space burns out Make way for us Death throes Cross your fingers behind your back now
Lux and Row 04:13
Medicines trapped in our bones Can't wait till the other side to take it The ground beneath gives weight to the catacombs I’m praying this is not your fault I mean it Easy as it comes They'll find a way Easy as it goes We'll take it An effigy I am the hunter I drank the oceans dry to taste it The thoughts between here and what fills your cup I’m praying this is not your fault Believe it And I never meant to
A gentle touch from a cruel hand There is no love where the careless confide This rusty heart beats Keep your faith in the cutlery Cut, cut, cut, cut, cut! A swindler and a charlatan have an honest exchange Speak no evil my friend The masochist retreat to the runway as the serpent coiled tight Whip the work horse off its broken leg Ride the bludgeoned mare Pour scotch in the drinking well We just need a little rock n roll Consume, repeat The end is nigh and won't be televised Light a torch for the witch hunt Paint the town red Dismantle anything you create and become a god Run with scissors Hold your tongue When my fingers hit your throat Know that your cold and beautiful Did it hurt to have your head overturned? Your body pressed to the floor Dream on No comfort in a collective Dream on, dreamer It's all by design, a sadistic plot against you You have to keep your crying at an indoor voice When misery's a muse I bet you will
A wildcard of polluted wombs Exploit yourself for me and the boys in sheep's clothes Speak in an ancient tongue If not for me, then for yourself (Do it) There is no need to beg for that which is willingly given You've got to reach a new low Bastardized in a wedlock waltz Alone or depraved? I can't tell the difference anymore You are the fire I felt the flame I know the difference between you and me Say it like you mean it If you mean it Tell me that you need It if you need it The sex machine will keep on breeding Blank stare for the lust of fame and cameras Give up or give in We want more Show us some sunburnt skin The black and blues you wear Like a badge that's pinned to your heart Break your own heart Your mother's so proud of her new amputee The audience is chewing at the bit like pack horny frat boys


released October 8, 2021


all rights reserved



Pure Noise Records Nashville, Tennessee

Independent record label since 2009.

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