Songs For The Firing Squad

by SeeYouSpaceCowboy

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Christian Hober
Christian Hober thumbnail
Christian Hober this album hits home for me. very aggressively satisfying. I want these tracks to choke me to death.
幸弥 石橋
幸弥 石橋 thumbnail
幸弥 石橋 Hello from Japan.
This album is very chaotic,complicated and intensive.
I'm addicted to scream of her and this fat music. Favorite track: 911 Call: “Help I’ve Overdosed On Philosophy!”.
easy_greasy thumbnail
easy_greasy You should buy this for the Cowboy Bebop reference alone. Favorite track: Absolutely Absolute Absolution.
Shawn Wacek
Shawn Wacek thumbnail
Shawn Wacek awesome vocals keep it up guys Favorite track: Self Help Specialist Ends Own Life.
dreamkilla thumbnail
dreamkilla God God God Damn.. So good! This band has hints of all my favorite bands from the mid-2000s.. Fuck I miss this style! Favorite track: Fashion Statements Of The Socially Aware.



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Track Name: 911 Call: “Help I’ve Overdosed On Philosophy!”
Brace for the locust plague, face the stark moral discrepancy between love for yourself and the selfish root of your pain. You know you’ll bleed out forcing your heart to beat, you can’t stand yourself you’re running go, I’ll be the last thing you see. It stands to say that you won’t change the past no matter how you try to beat it that’s because I never forget. At the point where you rescind my life.
Track Name: Self Help Specialist Ends Own Life
The sound, bleak pulse, no love, no solace until the young wolves take it back. Declare your worth against oppressive hands, we’re calling out against the forked tongue. The only cure for this bleeding heart. Bleed the right cause, state your efforts, it’s a commitment to burn it all down. No god is a shackle worth saving, this is the deicide of dogma. No god is a shackle worth saving, this is the deicide of dogma.
Track Name: I Am A Trans-Continental Railroad, Please Run A Train On Me
Wait or they said move, this is the countdown of the sterile sun. As the "Truth" play the part so full of heart these rapid breakdowns of the blissful parts. Brace the turn, burn the junction, brace the churn, burn the junction. Trying, trying for your sake. This is blood from my heart. As I look back at the burning halo. Well, you came and said, stop I think they get it. I would like to see it, well I guess we'll see it. Well, you came and said, stop I think they get it. Please burn the king, please kill the dream.
Track Name: Stop Calling Us Screamo
Straight step, go around again, righteous precinct, just bare your teeth better. Recourse of the shackled hand, get a dull knife mark an “x” on the master’s head. Restart, back to the brink. Transplant, if the noose fits. All systems go, all systems go, you bless your firearm.
Track Name: You Don’t Understand The Liquor Is Calling The Shots Now Randy BoBandy
Reckless foreplay, oh sweet ideals. Ceasefire. Target's first step, off the bullseye. Ceasefire. Now bare your teeth. I am something you made me, I am I am I am. Don't look back. Restart restart the wind now, you said you said it's okay, it all it all begins now, I know I know we're in now.
Track Name: You Can’t Get Goose Justice In Fox Court, Just Spit On The Judge
I’m trying to kill the son, when I should kill the God. Wait they say the serpent’s tirade ended, wait they say our love line is sick someone blame. Tear out the values and aim, that’s the righteous. I’m in a car crash and I can’t keep track of the motion, some of the faces I guess they know what I mean but they don’t really get it anymore. I started to write down words and I guess I lost track of what they meant, It’s okay I never really cared much anyway. All the souls cry out like a ringing telephone and I can’t keep track of who wants to know anything anymore, I guess I guess I’ll never find out.
Track Name: Atrocities From A Story Book Perspective
Pretense your substance on dotted lines, and keep sidestepping notions of solace ties.
Split tongue and a nervous stare, arm the cannons rain fire on the serpent’s lair.
Now you look it in the eyes. See, solve this pretense. All these say you're wrong. When we were a stake. Solace play your hand. You’re running, how perfect, your lie provoked change. Against this reigning plaintiff, renounce, bleed.
Try, try and try, defang me.
Track Name: An Introduction For People Who Hate Introductions
Virtue stand off, solemn rant, please reciprocate. Dive, realize your surface relegates a lense of right. And the gavel screams "save the day”, well the gavel screams "save the day”.
Track Name: Jimmy Buffett Doesn’t Even Surf
Scarce progress from complacence in your way. Well, you’ll find that sterile thoughts are brought by notions of self-imposed grandeur. But, arm the suffix, Well, rebuke the Stoic, I, rescind composure. Sound set, standoff. Well, weapon logic, I, rebuke the Stoic, They, rescind composure. Sound set, standoff. Stop, rip the line. Praise something and again save yourself some breath, sermon stalemate, condemn and don’t resuscitate. Idle thoughts of the great, sly like bright snide snakes. Praise something and again, save your love of a friend. Say it, breath out and irate souls spring to their life worth tapestry, resent, lie, just stay loud, and I’ll bray solace lies.
Track Name: Soap Opera Stardom Is A Single Is A Single Tear Drop Away
Wait refrain from moral retreat. Purchase great notions. Wait, escape from policed wide worth. Covert lense, blind eye. And forethought, vision games remain for their gain. Restate. Well, fertile speech has its recourse, lesson learned. Faint lines, substance of a half-life. sterile play, substance of a half lie. Why do we you’re safe when wolves will still grab you? Fake teeth, are you willing to fight at all? Fake claws, cover my eyes.
Track Name: Pep Talk From A Nihilist
Fight Fair, high-class subterfuge. Raw thought, rethink, pretend. Eye dance, coat your mouth and start again. Raw thought, rethink, just pretend. Contort, reshape, matchstick mind at ease. Charcoal hands erode, slight spine, brazen picture rooted. Contort, reshape, matchstick mind at ease. Contort, reshape, matchstick mind at ease. Prideful preaching crosses solace’s disdain, still circle “stray” and know that we are meld that way. And you spit blood from across the room, just brace yourself and spit in tune, high stakes silence while their tongues loom, the wolf inside resumes, won’t see you soon.
Track Name: Fashion Statements Of The Socially Aware
Pace race parade, around virtue’s halo, go sway your head, When I. Hey, false frame, well pretense stains, bleed your name, false lane, indulge the game, fight fair. Sure stay right, I’ll crash test for your sake. Restart, bleed your thesis, growth rings and avid creases from the way we carry pieces of…Stark Blame. Restless faceless, ripe stain. Classless Solace, false frame. Restless faceless, wear the blame. Ceaseless solace, run to the bend. Restless, stain. Faceless, wrong wind. Ceaseless, frame. Solace, not winning.
Track Name: Absolutely Absolute Absolution
I love it, blank stare, neutral blast off. Oh they say, bare all, lovely sacrifice. I love it, blank stare, neutral blast off. Oh they say, bare all, lovely sacrifice. Gestate remarks, cells echo saviors, concept worship, standby admission for blame. It’s coming, it drives such pretty lies. I see a sense of a brave world, while staring at a surface stain, you whistle a solemn tune, but there’ll be silence soon. Fault flay, now let the sign reign. Fault flay, now let inside wring me dry.

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