by Rotting Out

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released April 17, 2020


all rights reserved



Pure Noise Records Pasadena, California

Independent record label since 2009.

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Track Name: Vessel
A bastard from the bad lands
A boy bruised by bad times
Weak grip, broken hands
Built by a broken man
I laugh at myself as I'm dragged by the streets
All I have is my kin so please leave them be
If you’re gonna punish anyone, just punish me

Here I am, Take me
I’ll be the vessel for my family’s agony
The weight of it has got me on my knees
Can you hear me scream?
It’s getting hard to breathe
So let them walk and punish me
Track Name: Last Man Standing
Demons dying in the parking lot
The old man’s got a needle in his arm
RIchard’s got a hole in his head
And then there’s a girl we found dead in the backyard

In this city, this is life
The bodies pile up and no one bats an eye
In this, this is life
I try to numb it out, feel nothing to survive

Eyes wide, I won’t go away
Stay alive, you can’t kill me
Eyes wide, I’ll never go away
Stay alive, you can’t kill me

Left for dead but i still walk with broken legs
And I'll always have a limp like scars from a razorblade
Life’s been a predator, fucking me since I was a kid
But it couldn’t take me out, so i sit with broken teeth and a stupid grin
Track Name: Stones
Cast your stones
Poke your nose in my events like you sat front row
Im poking holes in your story, The fact is you don’t fucking know
Where i'm from you’ve tried to glorify
In my slums i’m failure personified
Fuck you and fuck your friends too
And fuck everything you thought you knew
About me and what I've seen and everything I've been through

Suburban prodigy but you talk about “hardknocks”
What do you know about long nights in a small box?
Who the fuck is you?

So when I see you, you know you’re not like me
When I confront you, you’ll have forgotten how to speak
Track Name: Reaper
What do you know about time and counting days?
The walls laugh as I cry wondering how I got this way
The boy holds the gun and I slowly come undone
But I know he's gotta die if I am to survive
I'll play the reaper in my own life
Why have I always been a servant to those dark times?
I'll be certain to appreciate the purpose
Of why the boy became the serpent in a world that kept cursing him
So boy, come with me, it's you and I
It's been a long time coming, so close your eyes
Time to die
Track Name: Prisoner
Hell ain’t where i’m going, it’s where i’ve been
Humiliation on my face since I was six
I’m sick of laughing just to smother all the thoughts
That leave me shaking when i think back far enough

So come with me, in to the depths of my mind
Come face to face with everything that i tried to hide
I don’t want it, I wish it was a dream
Take this old life and cut these bad days out of me
A prisoner to somber days

Mama, Do you remember the fear in my eyes
when he trapped you in the room?
I grabbed my brother and I
we ran for our lives
And just like that night I tremble as I write this
reliving things through my eyes

They’re mine but I don’t want them
My “forever” problem
A prisoner to somber days
Let the reaper hold my hand and take it all away
Track Name: Unforgiven
The belt snaps and it’s back to reality
“Boy it’s for your own good”
He tries to beat her out of me
Can’t help but to think how I was just a kid
Now i seek redemptions for the wrongs i never did
When the sky falls, let it was this guilt away
“It was my fault”
Was a weight I carried with me everyday

I can’t get out, still trying to find my way out

Can’t you see?
I’m only big so i can carry all my insecurities
Self worth is like my reflection
It’s been decades since it glanced at me
So what do i do? How do I move?
Do i forgive me? Do I even have anything to prove?
So what do i do? How do I move?
How the fuck do i forgive me?
So what do i do? How do I move?
How the fuck do i forgive myself?
Redemptions for wrongs I never did
Track Name: Still Her
Isolation burns the soul
Like frostbite in the blistering cold
But it was her, I felt her warmth
When the world was dying
She held me very close

She’s still singing, still singing
“Baby boy look at me, i’ll keep you breathing”

Times when i got so fucking lost
She whispered, “darling please just come back home”
And I followed her lovely voice
Back into her arms as she blocked out all the noise

Bella mia, no hay nadien como tu
Everything you've given
I'd be lost without you

So gorgeous, don’t be so surprised
You gave me more than you could ever recognize
So keep singing as you play with my hair
Make me forget the dark days like they were never there
Track Name: Thief
It’s all on me
Look at me, i’ve denied joy
There's only comfort in my misery
Any love shown, felt so undeserving
Pushed away those that were any good to me

It’s all on me, can’t you see?
I’m the only one who’s got me on my knees
Chained to the pain that just won’t let me breathe
Chained to the pain

When the sun shines, I look away
Because my whole life, I felt the shade was meant for me
Words like “dad, home, love, hope” seemed so far away
The shit seemed more like make believe

It’s been thirty years and it’s getting old
I don’t want to feel like this anymore
I want to run towards the sun, find me in myself
Smile more, wouldn’t that be something else?
Track Name: Visceral
A storm is coming, the rain is drowning me
Is visceral rage all that i’ve become to be?
When people speak, it’s animosity
Because I've seen the ugly face of what they all can be

I told you all i’ve known is hate
Cursed by visceral rage

Sick to my stomach, I See them for what they are
Violent outburst disguise themselves as my old scars
This swelling of hatred consumes me everyday
Countless thoughts of ways to inflict some sort of pain

All i see is red

Everyday it takes everything to save me from myself
And this fury kept me alive
It’s also the reason i want to fucking die
Uncursed by this rage
In my head all i see is red
Track Name: Boy
“Walter, it’s time to talk about it”
I figure if I never mentioned it, then it never happened
Wore a thousand smiles a million times like it was nothing
My stomach swelled with thoughts of self destruction
It was 1993, in an obscure house
My mother broke and my world fell apart
They spoke to me about capes amongst the stars
Then lured me with fleer ‘94 cards

Just a boy on that day
Just a boy

I would pray that one day
God would reach out and touch my face
But instead it was a stranger
That would take every ounce of innocence from me
“I’ll hurt your baby brother if you ever speak of this”
Even if i did, who would believe a homeless kid?
Those words ingrained in my soul
My world forever changed as they locked the doror

I closed my eyes, I never spoke
Alone in a moment, buried in my mind
Now I don't cry, so no one knows
Wandering the world with only instinct to survive

Here i am
Roaming alone
Every step filled with shame
Ronin: Unknown.

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