Ripping / Pulling / Tearing

by Chamber

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released July 17, 2019


all rights reserved



Pure Noise Records Berkeley, California

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Track Name: Replacing Every Weakness
A heart of stone spreads its element through your blood
You’re the frailest form that deceit could ever choose to take
The clearest truth that i was terrified to face

Piece by piece
And lie by lie
Distance grows between us
Piece by piece
Lie by lie
You hide yourself from light

One final insult as a parting gift
I could hear regret in your voice
You refused to look me in the eyes
For the last time
I have walked away from you

The tears are welling up
But you don’t care enough
To simply ask me to stay

1400 grams of mass consumed with perception
Force you to take a mangled shape
Pick a pose to take

Piece by piece
Lie by lie
Helpless in your grip i was suffocating but i
Cut my way out

I see everything clearly now
You twisted all the good in me to use for your advantage
So i’m replacing every weakness within myself with a jagged piece of anger
You can’t hurt me anymore
Track Name: Every Blade
You may now break me into pieces bend me as you wish.
Terrified of leaving helpless in your grip. Ripping, pulling, tearing, scratching. It doesn't matter how it used to be.

Pieces of bone dig their way out of your skin. Sickened by the confines of the cage they were held in. 
Clinging to the fragile concept of a heaven you will never see or touch.

Every blade seems to barely miss your spine.By the grace of God you'll never die 

Every prayer falls short of God's cynical ears 

I was relieved on the day that they put you in that cage.
Chained up like an animal you rot away.
Track Name: In Search of Truth
My search for truth, My search for purpose 
In your selfish actions and manipulation always proves useless. 

You will waste a lifetime of breath on one empty cause after the next. 
You will never find relief from the constant sharp sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach. 
When you look around a crowded room And know everyone sees through you. 

So bend and contort to fit the shape of people and ideals that you imitate. 
This construct of "self' you're holding together one day soon is bound to shatter into broken shards 
that collect at your feet. 
This is what you are, this is all you'll ever be.
Track Name: Skin
I rip at my skin with nails I gnawed short.
Claw and tear until I pluck my nerves. Unwind the fibers that hold me together. 
Slashing the sutures that have made me whole.

Dig my way out 

Blisters and sores split and bleed until I feel nothing.
Marrow aches for cleansing fire's purifying touch 

Just let go, you're nothing to everyone 
Shut your eyes, there's nothing for you here 

I wrestle with the whispers.
Hatred softly spoken.
A voice in my mind sings "Fire has no conscience".

Let it spread. Grow, and consume all of me. 
Dig my way out.
Track Name: Final Shape
Grind me down to dust inside of your head 
Find my final shape underneath your skin 

A mass forms inside of your head And underneath your skin.
My hate will burn inside your veins, Spreading throughout your being 

I saw you burning; consumed by doubt. A hell of your invention where you belong. 
I scarred myself trying to help. Begging, pleading for you to come back to yourself. 

Count your breaths as precious gifts as you waste the time you have left.
I take my shape under your skin. Scratch at your flesh as I dig my way in.

Day by day your spirit grows weaker, your being fades.
Track Name: Vessel
If you're weak ,Then I'm weak. Let's pass away together 
I'll be the vessel of all of your pain 
I'll wield the scythe and turn it on myself 
Cover your eyes so you can't see 

And at the end of my life if I'm known for one fucking thing.
Let it be the hate I feel deep inside my heart for everything about this. It grows and only takes away. 

Breathe in air and exhale pain. 
I can't watch this. My solution; I'm the patient. I'll die in your place.

Sorrow consumes every vein and atom. 
Bone marrow creaks and moans; dejected 
Bleed me dry.

Stark white bones fall apart 
I am writhing around in the dark 
I'll take your pain claim it my own. Suffer alone.
Track Name: Severed
The voices I hear bore through the sides of my skull. Burrow inside, and make themselves at home.
Their whispers cut like knives, I can't drown them out. Pull me to the garden where all the wicked rest.

In perfection, God put me here to hurt. Severed. 

Sing soft until my vision goes completely black. 
There's nothing here for me, I'm not going back.


Echoes of regret, anger and pain linger in my mind and whisper my name.
All the scars on my skin are all I'm worth.

One for selfishness, One for pride, And hundreds all over for every lie.

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