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by Create Avoid

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I’ve been screaming at the heavens trying to find the reasons that I’m feeling left alone feeling so hopeless, beaten and broken. And everything keeps telling me to keep on fighting, to never hide to create a path that is my own and chase a dream that never dies. I will never falter I will never fail. We may come from different places but I bleed the same as you so stand with me. We may be standing at the bottom but the only way to move is up so stand with me. Now everything that you hold dear these material thing, bring material fears.When you let go of these petty things you’ll begin to really see your dreams.Looking forward, never looking back we’ve been given a moment, given a chance. To create something, something from nothing. We will never falter, we will never fail. When you learn to live with nothing. You will finally live your life
I’ve waited my whole life for this moment.Ill rise before your eyes and bring you down. Never again will I fall victim to your lies. All of my life I had been thrown around been chewed up and been spitten out. No sense of self and no faith in my name but how soon things would change. You were the one that I could always run to you were the one in which I would confide. Little did I know, little did I know you were the one that kept me dying inside. Preaching your wisdoms and promising there was a better day. When all along all you wanted to do was to change my views in me It wasn’t until I took a look in the mirror and realized that I had lost myself Now I truly see you never really cared for me. You’re fucking dead to me. Never again will I fall victim to your lies.
My eyes had been sewn shut but I can finally see the truth behind the words you’ve spoken. This will end in tragedy. You used to bring me to life, you used to brine me peace of mind, you used to be everything that I wanted. I can see the change in your eyes. Now you’re nothing more than a fucking lie. I remember standing by your side when all of this had a purpose. I remember fighting for your name When all of this meant so much moreWhere did you lose your substance? Where did you lose your heart? We’ve spent our whole lives screaming waiting to be noticed. We’ve given up everything we had to pursue a better purpose. We never questioned if the sacrifice was worth the outcome. But now I see you questioning just what it is that you’ve become. It seems to me that you’ve fallen victim to the things that you most despised The clarity in which you saw the world has been replaced with dollar signs It’s no longer for love, it’s no longer for fun, it’s no longer for passion, it’s no longer for fighting. Fighting to make your voice heard When this glamour fades and there is nothing to gain we will be the ones left standing. This world will know that we are the future.
Three years ago we lit a fire that we held close to our hearts. Three years ago we drew the fucking line and formed a new resistance. It feels like only moments ago I put the pen down on the paper forming thoughts into words and lines. With the patience of a painter, will everything that I have to say catch the ear of those who hear it? Will my words hit the heart and soul and rekindle the fighting spirit? Let go of all the fears of failure. From the moment that we stood together and found our common ground we did it faster, and we played it harder, we made it fucking loud. And though the times have changed were a little bit older and a little bit wiser given the chance I’d do it all again. We’ve given up love, we’ve given up home, we’ve even given some sanity. The sacrifices that we’ve made through the years have only served to bring us some clarity.That this is our calling this is our time. So with open hearts and with open minds we’ll continue forward into a world so unknown. And no matter where we turn we will not lose hope, for this is will be set in stone. Everything we have done here will always be in our hearts and minds. These moments will live on forever and echo across the world


released May 22, 2012


all rights reserved



Pure Noise Records Nashville, Tennessee

Independent record label since 2009.

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