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Track Name: Losers

We’re gonna waste the days getting outpriced of our apartments.
Hoping we don’t go homeless.
We sure as shit ain’t moving home.
Watching television we’re stealing from our parents.
So many opinions on how we live,
But there’s no option for even how to get out of bed.

My bleak mind says “it’s cheaper just to die.”
And the prick inside my head’s laid off and daring me to try.
My bleak mind says “this is all you get.
Hoping all this time but all you’ll find is
It gets harder, doesn’t it?”

Won’t see the doctor until I’m down on my knees.
Blacking out in strip malls to avoid taking care of what’s in front of me.
So I’ll live my life off points from credit card financing,
And you’ll stay stuck losing your jobs,
Let’s watch these options pile up.
Or let’s ask for help?

We replaced my broken mattress with another hand me down.
Talking nightly about nothing.
Feels like giving up somehow.
Haven’t we faced enough
To know this is how it goes?
We’re mediocre. We’re losers.
Track Name: (No) Reason To Believe
(No) Reason To Believe

Last I heard Nick’s still driving lyft.
And Richie’s working the midnight shift.
Of that motel down in Elsinore,
He’s dodging all the methheads.

I’m working my four jobs.
Right down to my fragile bones.
Finding out there’s nothing left inside.
Except some space that they just haven’t took quite yet.

But if nothing gets better
Tell me what that means.
This “hard-earned” life is a joke.
Feels more like drowning to me.
There’s no reason to believe.

My brother is a hardworking man.
He takes what he is given and gives everything he can.
He’s talking ‘bout fleeing the country, or faking his death
Says they’re after his money.

My mother lost a child when she was 23.
She doesn’t need to lose a couple more.
To some bad loans and undiagnosed depression

Still I think:
Maybe this is all we’re meant for.
Brown bags outside a Circle K.
I watch my tooth fall out and hit the ground.
You know I can’t dream bigger.

Talking shit on each other in between talking
About running away.
Watch the years disappear up our noses talking
About the same things.
All the shit we won’t get done.
The reasons we could barely leave the house today.
Knowing it’s sad at this point we can’t be happy
With the work that pays.

Thinking I’ll die young
Shouldn’t feel like a relief.
I guess that it’s a joke.
And there’s no reason to believe.

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