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Friendly Enemies EP

by Jule Vera

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1896 01:12
There's a science here no one can explain_There's a feeling here that cannot be contained_I feel the gravity pulling me_wanna be there with you_I feel the gravity pulling me_gotta be close to you_This love is radioactive_so much so it'll keep us distracted_Feels like a chemical machine inside_burning for you and me_So give in to the reaction_Can't fight can't resist the attraction_Feels like a chemical machine inside_burning for you and me_burning for you and me_My addiction just cannot be controlled_Like a fire flaming deep inside my soul_I feel the gravity pulling me_wannabe there with you_I feel the gravity pulling me_gotta be close to you_They think we're crazy_But baby I'm crazy for you
Running through the waves with the sea breeze in our hair_Looking for a place that we can't find anywhere_Let's make this moment_So big we can't hold it_With hearts so wild it's scaring me_Standing in the dark woah_Standing in the dark_Come on we can light the night_Run away and touch the sky_We have only got one life_So we can light the night_We are feeling so alive (we run away)_The young and brave will never die (we run away)_This is where we learn to fly (we run away)_So we can light the night_Just a couple kids on a rampage made of love (ah ah ah ah)_We're never getting caught don't care if it's dangerous (ah ah ah ah)_We just wanna be so free_We just wanna feel something_Here in the star light everything's alright_We just wanna be so free_We just wanna feel something_Kiss in the moonlight yeah this is our time
[Verse 1] Lost in the city with a mess in between So far away Towers so tall, no sky to be seen Can't find your way [Pre-Chorus] Oh, if you forget If you forget who you are, baby [Chorus] You got one little string around your little finger In case you forget, it's the way to remember When you get lost, go back and just follow Cause love is a maze and I'm broken hearted here [Verse 2] Boy, you know better, don't be running away I see where you are So stop, stop your hiding, won't you come out and play Stay with me, here in my arms [Pre-Chorus] [Chorus] [Bridge] Follow it inch by inch He's slowly coming back to me Follow it inch by inch To get where you're meant to be [Chorus] x3
Die Trying 03:55
When home is what you want but it's all gone And you’re standing in the ashes Friend, the one you need Stuck in your dream and you’re looking through the ruins When it's love You dare You dare I would rather lose it all Cause I know it's worth the fall and when they set it all on fire Gonna build it higher I would rather die tonight Cause i know it's worth the fight and when you burn our empire We're gonna build it higher Oh Higher or die trying When dawn is like the dark The nightmares start and you're wondering when you'll wake up Free, up in the tree Just you and me Know we'd do it if we had to Living in a world on fire Maybe we can burn out bright and dare, dare Living in a world on Fire So maybe we can burn out bright and dare, dare Or die trying
Sometimes she feels like heaven's on earth _And she's riding the wind like a feather_Careless in love, but careless decisions_She should have known much better_He was gonna break her heart_Always gonna break her heart_Save your roses and all your sweet talk_Boy you must think you're so clever_But poisonous words give you away _Like wearing a scarlet letter_Like you're wearing a scarlet letter_History tells he's never been genuine_Pages of pain that he's caused _She was a fool_Believing his feelings_were more than just counterfeit love_Maybe someday your tears will cry rivers like mine do And maybe that day you'll drown and you'll suffer like I do_now oh _Lose those make believe smiles and those lead me on looks _Boy you swear you're so clever _But poisonous words give you away_Like wearing a scarlet letter _Like you're wearing a scarlet letter
Love, A great divide_You always lose, you always die_You gave nothing but I gave my self_to you_Revelation_Blind but now see_the truth_I never knew it_Baby we're better off_I never knew it_Baby we're better off_Friends who never speak_Cross my heart and I hope you die_Chasing after me_Believe me boy I swear we'll die_Friendly enemies_Whatever you say I don't believe_Your promise is lost in fantasy_Cross my heart I swear we'll die_Friendly enemies_Love and leave me_Like a leaf_Lost a tree_No way to grow_I lose my control_With every breeze_Love is like a great divide_If we last or if we die_We always lose at choosing sides_Love is like a great divide
You Can't Mess This Up Lyrics You need a telescope cause we're so far apart_Looking for someone trying to break into their heart_Just stop your searching cause I've thrown away the key oh_You need a miracle to get back to me_You won't believe me _When I say I'm leaving_But I'm gone already _No telescope can reach me_You can't mess it up_I'm living it up _I'm living it up _And I'm not coming down_No you can't mess it up _I'm living it up _I'm living it up_Leaving you on the ground_So you can't mess it up_You think I need you but I tore apart the seams _Holding us together_And keeping you to me_I don't need your picture or your money or your love no_Right now you're not the one I'm thinking of_Like all the others _who play undercover_You can't hide forever_cause you'll be discovered _So you won't believe me _When I say I'm leaving _But I'm gone already _No telescope can reach me_I'm feeling fire_I'm feeling fire inside_I'm feeling fire for the first time


released June 30, 2015




Pure Noise Records Nashville, Tennessee

Independent record label since 2009.

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