by Moon Tooth

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released October 14, 2019


all rights reserved



Pure Noise Records Berkeley, California

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Track Name: Trust
This can’t go on

If you saw the ghosts I see
When I sleep you’d leave too
Yeah you’d claw your way out
You’d grow fangs
You’d bite, you’d rip
You’d tear your way gone
Been too long
There’s no warmth
Feel no pulse
There’s nothing left for me here
So let me go
Let me go

If you saw
What I’ve seen
You’d know what I mean
If you believe in more
Then baby believe me
More is real, you aint crazy
Don’t sleep on that dream

This can’t go on

I felt it well up
The wrath in my blood
Been a ghost of a friend, brother, son
Watched her go
The only girl that I’ve ever loved
Heard the call, gave it all
Now you’re telling me
I gotta wait here
Yeah there’s nothing left for me here
So let me go

This can’t go on
Track Name: Omega Days
Be the name’s praise
When the game’s set
Invalid alphas, they cant
Hold our gaze

For the word
For the song
For the long road home
Behold your true King
Know Us by Our scars
Know Us by the false god’s
Tattered flesh
That’s in Our jaws

Come all ye wolves
Of risk and thrill
And stand
We come to set ablaze
The omega days

For the word
For the song
For the long road home

Behold your true King
Know Us by Our scars
Know Us by the false god’s
Tattered flesh
That’s in Our jaws
As the earth quakes
As the lion wakes
So We come
Bend the knee
Beg for amnesty
Vermin, you’ll get none

We come by mirth of soul
We come by a joyous ocean
Woe to the knave
Who halts us
Woe to that sad, sorry soul
Track Name: Through Ash
(The Man speaks)
The burning luber spit embers
As if to say
Let’s get out of this fucking pit
Pining for the surprise
Of pale giants miles off
The quiet churn of flame
A sound somewhere between
A whisper and a distant roar

I’ve always wanted that warmth
But if that’s the cost
Love, forgive me for saying this
But I’ll pay it
Please don’t ask me to
Because I will

(The Fire speaks)
Feed me your wounds
Feed me your past
And I shall burn this cage
That ye may stand
Leave it all behind

(The Man speaks)
I obliged
In the blaze
I found my tears
But The Fire dried
Them up and warmed my heart
In that moment I was my name
The Fire spoke: I need you my witness
Showed me a joyous ocean
And how I am to lift it
Said “Chin up. Don’t quit, kid”
Then we laughed in rhythm
The going gets tough

Lay my fear in a bed of broken chains
Sing Victory by day
Then night falls
To a bed of knives
I crawl
And I let the demons hurt me

But I tell them

Feed me your wounds
Feed me your past
And I shall burn this cage
That we may stand

In the purr and crackling
I heard The Blaze
Speak my name
And It spoke my words
As It said
“Leave it all behind”
Track Name: Musketeers
Sheep and cattle
Tamed and saddled
But I’m saving
All my white-picket plans
For the road
Got soul, got bite
Baptized in neon light
Yeah, learned about freedom
From stomping and screaming
Gave my blood and gave my salt
I learned about truth
On the electric altar

First he came for our sisters
Then he came for our brothers
Then we told him
Not today, motherfucker
We got your number

Now I’m raising this soapbox
Against a stiff right hand
Never gonna fall in line
With the “great” white man
Small hands, small crowds
Bring him down
Kick out the clown

Never hide behind the way I was born
One for all and all for one
Track Name: Thorns
Wrath and thorns
Flaming tongues
Paint my song volatile
Speak in storms
I don’t fight it
I let it in
I’ve bled
Just not enough
Not yet

This may just kill me
But I can’t live another way
So if you’d offer guidance
You’d better spell it out plain

‘Cause I see no landscapes
I see only ruins I’ve made
Burn my name
Throw me in a shallow grave

I’m dragged and torn
Through shelters scorned
Dynamism calcified
Hold for home
No spoils owed
Sharpen hope
Into knives

‘Cause I see no landscape
I see only seas of face

Hold for home
If you want it
Then grit your teeth
And earn it
Track Name: Rhythm and Roar
Gimmie that torch
I’m gonna burn this fucker down
Kids drank kool-aid
And the king is a clown
Only thing that saves
Is that Rock Roll sound
So get loud

Get loud
Get right
Raise cups
To the good fight
Rumble, young man

Spit blood and laugh

Don’t give me that lip
You know I’ve heard it all before
Show me a good time
Yeah right, let me show you the door
Waste no time
Serve only the rhythm and the roar
Raise cups to the good fight
Track Name: Motionless In Sky
First sworn miles
Met with oaths to more yet
Forever named, each step
Introduces the next
And how nothing is
That is not both
Kiss and maim
Reap and sow
This began long before I’d known

I killed what I called home
To make damn clear
That I was worth my words
And that they are something living
Not just scratches on page
Not just promises made
They are the beast that I ride

Number of times
I tried to tell them
Number of times
I saw the fear in their eyes
Number of times
I swore before great sights
The heights I’d climb
Number of times
I washed my hands
Of that evil
Number of times
I’ve said this all before

Old blood in new veins
Its sick if it stays
Where it no longer lives
Oh, how it fights to not die
But it did and so it needs to
Motionless in sky
Emotionless, it hides
And I ain't gonna die like that
Track Name: Thumb Spike
Painful mornings on the floor
No remorse, no reward

Just you, just me
Can’t hear no other voices
Can’t feel no other pain
But your love
Don’t wanna feel no other pain
But your love

Your love cuts
Your love draws my blood
Oh, you took all my money
Head spins and sweat sheets
Ain't seen my folks
In forty-seven weeks
But your love’s so sweet
I’ll let you kill me

Fate to cross the concrete sea
Back and forth, endlessly

You left me in the pouring rain
Yeah, you left me in the snow
You left me burning in the desert sun
Now I got no place to go
Yeah you know I left my happy home for you
But when you hold me
Every little thing is alright
Track Name: Awe At All Angles
I am not adornments
Joined on new walls
I am torn muscle
I am budding bruise
The good pain
While the deeper hurt
Are these truths
I am not a bridge
No I am not two ends
Not two ends that meet to make one

I am white water
I am awe at all angles

oh, I am not held hands
I’m not making plans
No, I’m not your man
I’m a goddamn conduit
Girl, I’m piss and vinegar

I am white water
I am awe at all angles
Awe at all angles

Courting over dinner
And a bottle of wine
I said “You look real pretty
And your haircut’s nice”
For christ’s sake
This is not living
It's killing time
My body’s in the cage
But I’m in the sky
Track Name: Crux
Dare I name Electric Blue
Stopped in my tracks
The lost sum of dark math
Dead chemicals shake
Nerves fading late
Taking too long to pass

I can’t find the echo
There’s no name for the chaos
That crucified my heart and mind
When she touched my face
I wanted to die right there
Not the death you come back from
The death where you finally get rest
My thousand voices screamed out for mercy
Is this enough pain for your test?

Say something
I can feel the ghost
Of castrated volts
I can feel the throes
Of a tortured wraith

But I can’t find the echo

Cause this can’t go on
No, this can’t go on

Past gone
Moon gone
Sun laughs
Takes flesh
Bones bleached
Teeth bare
Grinning eternal
Peering eyelessly
Into gaped mouth
Of worm
Blank slate
Clean break
Track Name: Raise a Light (Epilogue)
Of sound mind
In the storm’s eye
It's a good time
To raise a light
And call it out:
Through all these
Black tears and ashes
One day I’ll raise my house
One day I’ll lay me down
In a well-earned bed
And sleep a worthy man’s rest
While these arrows
Will find many marks
There’s only one that’s meant
Yes only one, that’s what I said
And darlin’ let me tell ya
I’ll scream my beating heart out
Just to say one more thing:
I’ll rage my way home
But I’m not going there alone

Rage my way home
But I’m not going there alone

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