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Altered Pasts

by thoughtcrimes

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Give me a sign in ones and zeros, needles and tinctures I've danced along the fray just to quell the heat Sacrifice everything to the pagan gods made of casino lights Another slight of hand in the offering If it's our last stand Tonight we ride If we raise the flag Tonight we ride We're the last bastion Tonight we ride Man the walls and mount your horses Tonight we ride Reality is subjective And I've been shaken loose from its branches Adorn these first with chain mail knots in full regalia An eighteen wheeler in my heart And it craves fresh meat We're the last bastion Tonight we ride Man the walls and mount your horses Tonight we ride I've been giving blood to the tv screen In refusal, in communion We never were inside The tower keeps you warm Slow down As the scenery scrolls by We're never coming back
Mirror Glue 05:21
I'm the machine that dreams Electric caught my throat Spewing blasphemies and violent musings Third eye like a lighthouse Let it shine The radio is tumorous! Burn the evidence Cut the oxygen tanks Divination in counter space Like a stowaway Brandishing your mind like a weapon Command does not compute I'd bet you'd open, craving all the pain whole Learn to forge your will like a weapon Open the new wound You've got me all wrong I've built a broken wall inside your chest Your open but I don't want to see You're free You bleed They've tried to restock the cage Repose Open the new wound Ringside Right by you Pray the war ends soon I'll never sleep again Pray the war ends soon
Foresight, blindsided, glance at a rearview passerby Godspeed in our heels Hung out to dry The motherboard is droning, culling her young I want the blues in retrograde I want the new wave glitch It's too bad You're always there and watching There is no greater love It's not enough Keyhole romances keep the artistry in surveillance I watched you undress like a skinned animal Dance out the prototypes Churn out the cheap machines I want black magic on cassette I want a trophy kill It's too bad You're always there and watching There is no greater love It's not enough Get it? From the altar to the grave It's not enough Get it? From the altar to the grave Shake back and forth The vanguard let down its defense Spotlights hit our silhouette straight to the end There's a coal mine canary that lives in my head Shock collars are worn like ornaments pulsing and beating like a metronome Sound the alarm Like an ambulance Sound the alarm It's not enough
That still voice Alone Calling to the sun The medicine could never breach our inner selves The social circles spin at nauseam Crawl up from the sound That's never letting go I'll find where... Recover Search to find the meaning in new infinities Each thread carries on Nothing can compare Crawl up from the sound that's never letting go I'll find where... As soon as you divide Assume the views collide Recover
Dare I Say 03:41
Sparks hit my ribs Toxic masculine relapse An eyeful of incomplete Emasculated and weak Filed my claws down and my teeth Always Reverse shift in polarity Nervous tics in the parade Another rung in the compliance ladder Always Wire me up and tie me down Prepare for the comedown Verbal wars at the pearly gates You filthy apes are already in I'll cut till it severs Dredge to the bone Your mine and desperate Farewell, I've already gone This flesh and this blood doesn't make me just meat Take your pride Pathetic Your social circle structure is collapsing under the weight of my fist Only take so much Before the taste of blood gets as old as your touch and sweet talk in between I'll cut till it severs Dredge to the bone You’re mine and desperate You make me weak If you’re mine you know you're alone I'll cut till it severs You make me weak
I'm nervous I just bought my ticket I'm standing in line I'm marveling at the immensity of the device I'm about to enter I have thoughts of fleeing but it's too late I'm through the gate They've torn my ticket and are ushering me inside My breathing increases then becomes shallow. The buzz bar lowers I close my eyes and begin to ascend The fear subsides From up here I can see everything My vulnerabilities marching like ants on parade I feel safe in spite of them I continue clicking upwards Passing through a nexus of geometric light The ocean crashes under my feet I open my eyes only for a moment to gain perspective That fire in the distance The rainbow horizon I'm entering a tunnel There are bodies all around Contorted flesh heaving Sensual women writhing One curling and uncurling her index finger as if to call me near I approach her and she removes her face A palette of melting flesh comes into focus Rainbows turn greyscale then back to spectrums as her face discovers its original lure She was only kidding I shouldn't take her so seriously She insinuates this Her form is beyond language We speak in temperature I am beyond language My soul quakes Clenched fists grip and this is also love There is no bottom beneath me No tracks behind Wheels grind to sparks and for a moment I'm flying My carousel is dismantling around me There is no more safety It's the abyss and I It is not staring back though I am gazing like longing Nietzsche is a liar I'm alone here though I'm not separate from myself We face off in a civil war I against I I want to lie down I'm lying down I want to stand up It goes on like this "Buonasera! Buonasera! Hai un accendino?" A fisherman approaches I am beyond language I don't have a lighter I want to smoke something It goes on like this...
I'll start a fire or two until the old broad comes to water it down That vampiric gaze got me misbehaving again When the engine spoils and the casket shakes I'll keep my conscience on tilt We're the ne'er do wells with our filthy hands in the silver again I'll put the cult in culture The conversation is circling the cubical and going nowhere If I let guard down the taste will foul In your garden we'll twist and intertwine Lovers collide Dead and gone It taste like an empty womb Thorax and exit wound Chime in the silence A reverie sincere Oh my love what have you done? Crisscross your heart like notes carved in a tree Oh my love what have you done Again If hell is at our door There's no time left
Bitter days are coming Best of luck It's been a waste all along My spine is the subway that you can follow home Where every bedpost counts the notches Don't trust the numbers Outsmart the drowning man He'd kill your brother in an exchange of deaf salutes Keep up that rusted smile It's good for business when you're up to no good Let's take charge Some way, somehow, we'll find salvation I cannot fight, cannot find your mercy ties were all mine I cannot fight I cannot burn too But they'll have to walk backwards over your mothers grave Chew up the broken glass until the kids behave
I know I got this under control Arms bent and twisting back like a new age christ on display as insects in glass cases White hums along Gets stuck in between your teeth Turn the frequency up again Hogtied to the back of your car I see the light, I see the tunnel, as my life flashed before me Deathbed confessions will loot your home Count backwards from ten And I need a cigarette as the armies tap the floor Like vermin in the attic forming nests Holdfast There's wisdom in my thirst Trials, trials, trials Give me some rest Don't look down, the edge is near and no one pulled the cavity out And don't look downstairs It's over
Lunar Waves 04:13
Somewhere is home Somewhere Held my hands like I’m signaling up to the stars It's not a wish but a prayer unheard Smile wide at the satellites I cannot find Could you help me find my way from the upside down It’s spiraling Could you help me find My heart points true north and going southbound And offers no relief Who would you love Your sins are overrated Who would you love I wanna hear you say it Cut down from the waist down with all its weight I have held it all Broke my wrists as dug down over the dark Where skin is dust and gold When your sins are overrated Who would you love I want to hear you say there's some way home Your July can wait


released August 26, 2022


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Independent record label since 2009.

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